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  1. @ Mark: I do not really know that much about mirrorless. However, it is normal with a single O-ring on a dSLR! In my opinion, Nauticam is top notch regardless of mirrorless or dSLR. I can not see that any of the other brands should be considerably better ( more on the contrary)! Out of curiosity! What did he suggest? /Erik Ps! I might be biased, since I have a Nauticam myself. You can on the other hand find plenty of Nauticam users on Wetpixel.
  2. Nice! I like the zebra crab! 11 days and I am there
  3. From those Housings I would say either Nauticam or Aquatica, both are good! My personal opinion would say Nauticam. It is a hometown choice for you as well. /Erik
  4. Nice Pics! I like the sunball in the first.
  5. Somebody should theach them some manners!!! So, that it is more cooperative next time /Erik
  6. Hi, I have a new rig d800, with a 9" Dome. So, I need a new way of packing it! Living in Europe with harder regulations on check-in. We are generally having 66lbs check-in, incl dive gear ( at extra cost).. So, heavy Pelicases are out of the question. I have decided to carry the Housing by hand, in the Lanyard. There was a post about in this Thread, but it got lost in the site changes. I have done a hand-made Neoprene bag for the Housing. I will carry a standard unpadded NorthFace backpack as carry-on. The reason for an unpadded bag. Is that it takes up less space and fits more! I will pack the Domeport and lenses in it. The Lenses are put into padded Lense pouches. They can easily be moved into the jacket if needed and the bag looks smaller then.. The Domeport is in 2 Layers of Neoprene and still in the original Box. I am searching for fitting Plastic box for the Domeport. If you see a man wandering around the kitchen utensils dep, that's me The strobes and extension rings will go into the check-in. The Extension rings wrapped in bubble and shoved inside the BCD. The Strobes in one of those kistchen plastic boxes. I have a trip coming up in less than 2 weeks. So, you might have noticed that it is on my mind! /Erik
  7. @ Rocha: Good luck in reducing this issue! 15s that is one annoying timeout! /Erik
  8. I have not seen it so far. CF: main & SD:2nd I mostly just have the setting to use the 2nd if main is full. Well, I do not think that I have used the 2nd so far. /Erik
  9. Hi, Did you check up whick one it is? I am so far having the Nauticam as a back up. I am a bit confused on which of the Sea&Sea to order! /Erik
  10. Sounds like a reasonable reason. I once mistook the Port O-ring and the O-ring for the Drysuit Glove system. The Port was like a rock, but I got wet and cold hands Luckily enough it was not the pther way around! /Erik
  11. Unfortunately, it will not help you, but ... I do not have the Zen Minidome, but a Zen big dome. I find that it easily comes off from the extension ring. You need to move it back a little bit from the end. /Erik
  12. Hi, Here are my 2 cents I would optimally try for something like 1/600s and f8. Then I would see at what ISO I would land. If I feel that the ISO is too high. Then I would start to compromise. /ERik
  13. I find that the easiest solution is to simply dip the Dome into the water. The water drops take a little bit of time, until they show up. Technique: 1: Get the Camera settings correct, preferably AF as well. 2: Tilt the Dome down in the water. 3: Pull it up and shoot. I find it the easiast way to do it. The hint is from the book of Martin Edge. It works very well! /Erik
  14. I second Morten's comments! You could up the Aperture a bit in order to improve the Corner sharpness of the Lense. That generally improves it, but I don' know how the Lense works. I would also generálly switch of the TTL in Wideangle. It works in this picture, since the Lionfish occupies a large part of the Picture frame. I would have tried to get a bit more of an angle of the Lionfish, ie facing the Camera. /Erik
  15. I believe that a used Sigma 10-20mm is a pretty good bang for the Buck. I would also have a look at the Tokinas, 11-16 & 12-24 as well. It depends a bit on how much money that you want to pay for it. /Erik
  16. Are you planning a future change to FX? Wideangle is a bi of an issue here. Since, it is not really useful to run a FX Wideangle Lense on a DX body. I used a Sigma 10-20mm ( variable aperture) and I was reasonably satisfied with it. However, I found it a bit soft towards the edges.For the price not bad though. /Erik
  17. Congrats! I really like the first Nudi. That is a nice one! /Erik
  18. It is an amzing picture! So very well spent time, in my humble opinion! /Erik Ps! I just wished that I would have the time for it!
  19. We went with Norberto Divers and pre-reserved places in the Catamaran. That is a bit more convieniant! It was however after a time of large swells. So, it was not the quietest of rides. Me and my misses, were probably the only guests that did not have to drive the Lorry We saw some whales on the way out as well. /Erik
  20. Not a bad start! Nice rays and blue water. Another hint might be to focus on the eyes a bit more! It is very nicely done in the last Picture of the Dolphins. /Erik
  21. Hi, We were in Faial last fall, mid/end september I think. They have a couple of dives that are really really spectacular. Princes Alice Banks withe the Mobulas/Mantas and another Bank ( forgotten the name) with the Bluesharks. These Banks are far off the coast and either no bottom in sight or at 40m or so.It can be currents. The Coastal Reef dives are ok, but not that interesting. The Islands are in the middle of the Ocean. So, it might not be possible to go out to the top places every day. If, you are unlucky the waves might be too high for a week or so. So, plan enogh time. Do not plan 2 dives a day! Rent a car drive around, go to the neighbour island, look at the Vulcanoes, do some whale watching, Landscape photography, go for a hike etc etc Above all stay flexible for the waves to go down. In order to go out to the Banks. The Azores are a fascinating place and I liked it a lot, but you should do a fair bit of research before booking a trip! You might have the wrong expectations otherwise. /Erik /Erik
  22. Nice review! I am of the opinion that the graphics have nothing to do with the speed of Lightroom. I do use the internal graphics on my i7-desktop ( and too much RAM). It is blazing fast with LR4, even with my D800 photos. ( Some filters in Photoshop uses the Graphics. ) I decided against external graphics, due to higher noise levels. The processors in the portables are nowadays mainly the ULV ( Ultra Low Voltage) versions. The performance are a bit lower, but the battery life longer. I believe that LR mainly needs a fast Processor and secondly RAM. I am bringing the ASUS Zenbook 11.6" on a photo vacation soon. I am interested how I will find that it deals with the huge D800 RAW files. My tests at home looks good. The downside on it is that it is impossible to increase the RAM. /Erik
  23. That is definately true that the longer you live, the higher the likelihood to get cancer. The question is what is harrassment and how to define it!
  24. Good ideas. I just got the +10 and I am looking forward to playing around with it. I really like the pic!
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