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  1. Nice Pictures! I really like the idea of a Split shot of the Dragon. /Erik I am there in 3 weeks, looking forward
  2. Well, if you are using a CCR you get warm air instead of cold. It makes a heck of a difference! Those few degrees makes a lot of difference. In the most Alpine lakes around here it is 4°C and certainly in Winter. I am pretty comfortable for 30 minutes. After 40 minutes the shivers are coming. I have a custom made suit that fits well. At 6-7°C the shivers arrives a lot later. If I am diving with a CCR they just do not show up!!! I can clearly understand the reason and need for a Heated Vest! /Erik
  3. Was that the fish version of Pavlov's dogs :-)
  4. Someweher deep in the Manual should be stated that INON recoemmends to service the strobes every 2 or 3 Years. I can't remember right now. /Erik
  5. Sounds good! If you have the power and endurance to drive them. Then they are really powerful!
  6. I keep all the small easy to forget stuff in one of these small plastic boxes. Things like the different lithium button cells, spare O-rings, assortment of small tools, o-ring greases etc etc etc That works pretty good for me. I reduce the likleihood to forget something that way. /Erik
  7. That is the way to go Get some wetdiopters and TC:s and you are set! Then you have shifted the problem from packing for the trip to the Dive boat
  8. That is a nice story. Something for rest of the UW-housing companies to keep up with! /Erik
  9. I had to laugh about the Decoline picture. Sort of been there :-) /Erik
  10. I also like the Sunball in the 2nd shot! I also genarally like Kelp shots. They are somehow a bit mystic in nature. /Erik
  11. Nice Pictures! I like the Bumpheads! /Erik
  12. Did you try to use it with only 1 card? I suspect that it is a classic interrupt issue, hence intermittent. It could be that faster cards would help as well. /Erik
  13. Could it be that he was pointing the Strobes inward instead of outward? Using the other edge of the Strobes? I assume that you would risk more Backscatter that way. /Erik
  14. The problem is that you would loose even more working distance adding a diopter on a 60mm. I was generally preffering the 60mm on a DX. The 105mm was more of a special case for me. If you want to use diopters. Then the 100/105 is the way to go /Erik
  15. Nice shots! I am doing the same trip in a few weeks. /Erik
  16. Nice shots. The 1st Sweetlips is really really nice!, excellent Composition! /Erik
  17. It seems like it doesn't find the .bin-file. You should get an update choice below the done field. If it finds the file. Did you put the .bin-file on the primary memory card? I fiddled around a while swapping over to the SD card as primary and removing the CF. It should not be needed, but ... /Erik
  18. When I am flying I am using 3 lists: Camera Gear, Batteries & Dive Gear. This in order to minimize the risk of forgetting something and also only have to think once. I believe that these Lists are very personal. I would suggest to spend some time to thinking about what would be painful for you to forget. If I am on a daytrip or weekdend trip. Then I just go with the flow. It wouldn't be that painful to forget something. /Erik
  19. @Loftus: It sounds like you did the same mistake as me! I also wondered why nothing happend, until I realized that I didn't push the "OK" button I pushed the button in the middle of the Multiselector instead of the "OK" button, out of habit I guess! /Erik
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