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  1. This is the european link: http://www.uw-fotopartner.com/Strobes-lights-and-accessories/Accessories-for-strobes-and-lamps/other-accessories-for-strobes/Backup-O-Ring-for-all-INON-Strobes?c=2752 /Erik
  2. That extra O-ring is great! It still doesn't help if the battery cap has a small crack though. /Erik
  3. I also believe that the DxO tests are useful when comparing Lenses. However, real life usage is more important. Here is also the problem hidden. The Nikkor 14-24mm is generally a much better Lens than the 16-35mm. However, for UW it is the other way around!
  4. I thought that the Moorish Idols got the coloration relatively early. However, it really looks like a Moorish Idol from the shape. You may have finally found the missing family member of the Moorish Idol(s) /Erik
  5. Seems to have a good Sensor as well. However no gigantic Sensor technology step, as expected. I assume that the Sensor Technology has entered the mature state!
  6. It will be interesting to see if the Sensor in the D7100 represents a step in Sensor Technology or just a tweak of it.
  7. Nice pics and I really like the first of the Bumpheads. Brought back nice memories of Turtles, Jacks, Baracudas & Bumpheads! /Erik
  8. Agreed!.. You would still have roughly 12Megapixels to work with!
  9. No offence taken! It was simply not worth commenting Well, I assume that he will have to " stand up" to his comment anyway! /Erik
  10. You should however have reasonbly fit legs to drive those Fins! The stiffer the fins are the more requirement of leg strength and fitness!
  11. I like your pictures. My opinion is that they would benefit from a less crowded background ( negative space).
  12. I assume that you poked them back then when they started to nibble at your Hugyfot
  13. I agree that proper red light is good UW. It simply spooks them less. Manual with non-DSLRs or eltronic viewfinder systems. Then I clearly understand that you want a lot of light. A Sola 500/800 has 500/800 Lumens at maximum light output. How often are you actually using the full power of it? When used as a Focus Ligth ( Video is different issue). My experience is that a lot of light tend to spook the fishes or the Nudis turn around "faster" etc etc. /Erik
  14. What is your experience? How many Lumens are needed in a Focuslight? It seems like a lot of you are using some sort of Sola and a lot the Sola 500. To which level do you dim to? I am interested to know the needed amount of Lumens for a Focus light! /Erik
  15. I agree that the Leak Detector does not really help that much! If you see it blinking it is most likely already too late anyway. I think that it is inevitable that they are starting to fit it into the Housings. Unfortunately a bit too late for my Nauticam D800 Housing. Luckily enough there are 3rd party solution available. Hmm, I wonder if Nauticam will sell it separately, in order to fit it afterwards? /Erik
  16. To some extent yes! You can call it a lot of things, but it is effectively digitally zooming ( cropping) into the Photo. However, you loose pixels at the same time. TC etc are not throwing away pixels. So, there is the difference. /Erik
  17. I really like the Idea! Makes me want to try it out myself. Well, apart fromthe combination of Wetsuit and cold lakes! /Erik
  18. That is a "cool" way of using a timer. I assume that you used some sort of Tripod as well.
  19. In my opinion it all boils down to what you want to have and what is important for you! Valve, electronic, price, availability┬┤etc etc. The Swagelock Valve is better in my opinion than the type of Valves used by Vivid ( similar to Hugyfot?). The Vivid ( Hugyfot?) has to be secured by a lid with an outer O-ring. The Swagelock should keep you dry for a while, if you forget the Block-off Plug! I personally like that the LEDs keep telling me that the system is OK or not.I would most likely get lazy using the pump. I assume that the decision comes down to those isues! You just need to figure out what is important to you!
  20. E_viking


    The Gorilla Pod has the advantage of being cheap and ligth. I have played with the idea of using it UW. Being cheap is interesting, since I would assume that any Tripod would not last long in Saltwater. There is also the possibility of the Xit type of solution. A plate with some strobe arms as legs. This one would not rust away.
  21. Sad to hear about dynamite fishing. Nice, to see your pictures and get warmed up for Komodo. I am going there in May. Let's seee what I will experince. My last trip to Komodo was 1999. So, I am curious to see possible changes. /Erik
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