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  1. Ok, I agree that for Super macro work a 105mm would be better.
  2. Well, I assume that you are right that it does not really matter as long as the Camera stays dry. I tried to teach a D80 to swim some years ago. It would have saved me back then! I fully agree and that is why I want an electronic version. I personlly ordered the VividHousing version of the Vacuum system. http://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php Erik
  3. The question is if you get sloppier if you you have one of these vacuum systems?
  4. That is a real pity! I used to buy DYK everytime that I got back home...
  5. @ David: Thanks they had 1 on Stock. I have reserved and will order it now. Problem solved! I am pretty sure that the Aquatica is pretty similar to the SubSeas.
  6. Thanks for the ideas, but all of them seem to be out of them. Has anyone tried the Aquatica +10 Diopter?
  7. They were out of them as well. It seems to be out of szock everywhere!
  8. Hi, I would be nice to separate the Reviews from the rest of the news. As it is now it drowns in the rest of the news. /Erik
  9. At the Hot shoe it is more of an issue of being exposed to Salt water and different materials. So, it is a different issue. I guess that you could reduce the amount of residual water by opening upside down ( like the Nikonos) while bleeding the Valve. There are already a number of these systems out there and noone has complained about it so far ( to my knowledge).
  10. @Jim: Good idea! I have not asked them yet. I will. I would be interested if anyone here has tried the Aquatica version and even better compared it to a Subsea.
  11. @eyu: I personally do not see this as an issue. It should however be possible to simply blow away the residual water drops with your Lungs, before you bleed the Valve. After rinsing it is sweetwater, anyway. I can not really see that the remaining residual water can cause harm.
  12. Hi, SubSee are out of Stock on their Diopters. I have a trip to Indonesia before they are in Stock again. I would like to add a +10 for the trip. ( I have the +5. ) Aquatica does a +10 Diopter that looks good as well. Is the optical quality up to the same standard as the SubSeas? Any experience with it? /Erik
  13. @eyu: Do you mean Waterdrops? Or Condensation? The Vividhousing ( and I assume Hugyfot) are covered by an O-ring. I would guess that the Backscatter type of solution could gather some small water drops. It should on the other hand be easy to blow away before bleeding the Valve. This gives only the Condensation when bleeding the Valve. The bigger the temp diff between water and Topside the more condensation can build up at the Camera&Lense. This might be an issue over time/years? The way to overcome this part is simply to let the Housing warm up after a cold dive before opening it.
  14. I have very rarely seen people dive with 2 full DSLR rigs. It has basically only been in Lembeh. It looked very awkward when diving. From my short viewing it seemed like they would put the unused setup in the sand when using the other. This would of course only work when there is a sandy bottom and no current. You will surely have to clip in the 2nd rig somehow into your Jacket. In order to have 1 hand free. You would have to make sure that the Rig in your Hand does not hit the other rig, killing the Domeports etc. In my opinion the only real possibility would be that the 2nd rig is a "small" rig without Strobes. So, that you can clip it in and almost "forget" about it. I assume that we are all different. Well, I learned that I need to concentrate on one thing macro, portrait or Wideangle. Otherwise I screw up
  15. It depends on format as well. My vote would be DX => 60mm FX=> 105mm /Erik
  16. Just buy a bit more than you think you need.. Then simply just try it out!
  17. It is for sure great that there are no Patents on this system... In my humble opinion all Housing should come with a system simlilar to this! It reduces the risk of floods and I am pretty sure that all of us that once had a flood would agree I just find it a pity that it takes until midlle of May, or so, until the electrocic version is out!
  18. I agree that you need to try them out, in order to find out which one fits the best. Keep in mind that there might be workarounds if the Handles are too far away. I have seen a woman using a sort of homemade mounted hand strap on the inside of the Handle. I am not sure if she used some sort of spacer to move the Handle further out.
  19. That looks much better, good work!
  20. I made a very non-scientific comparison between Nauticam, Subal & Aquatica Housings for the D800, for my needs. In that comparison it seemed like Nauticam had the smallest distance. It is not really small anyway. On the other hand, there was a thread a few weeks ago that complained about the too long distance of the Nauticam.
  21. @John: What does Hugyfot recommend in the other direction, ie time from diving until opening the Housing? Do they have a recommendation?
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