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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to sell some equipment I purchased earlier this year. I got all of the items from a licensed Ikelite dealer in Bangkok (DiveMasters), who ordered all the goods from the US. I did test dives with the equipment (everything works!) and then decided I didn't want to do U/W photo with this camera. So, everything has just been used twice to make sure it works and then it's been kept in appropriate storage. I would ship everything from Tokyo, Japan. I have the following items with the following asking prices (in USD): Ikelite Canon 20D Housing - $1150 DS-125 Strobe - $700 Lens Port 5505.45 (Flat port for 100mm USM Macro) - $120 Lens Port 5503 (6" Dome Port) - $120 If you are interested in buying more than one item together, I would be willing to negotiate a discount. In fact, if you'd only be interested in one item, I'd still be interested in negotiating a discount. Please contact me directly at y.awanohara@gmail.com. I can then send photos of the equipment etc. Thanks for your time. Yuri Awanohara www.flickr.com/photos/y_awanohara
  2. I decided I would try underwater photography. Bought everything, flew really far to dive, tried it, hated it, so now I'm trying to sell everything. Everything was bought from an authorized Ikelite dealer so full warranties - I did check-out dives with the equipment so I know it's all working, nothing leaks... I'm selling the following, all brand new: -- Ikelite Canon 20D Housing -- Ikelite DS125 Strobe -- Ike flat port #5505.45, More info: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/slrport.html -- Ike dome port #5503, More info: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/slrport.html Please contact me directly for price negotiations, shipping, etc. Thanks very much in advance! Yuri Awanohara y.awanohara@gmail.com
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Glad to hear I've made suitable choices...I'll try the 18-55 and see how I go, because it's the only lens I've got other than the 70-300 and the 100 macro which i'm housing... thanks again!
  4. Hi, I currently have been shooting with a Canon 20D above water for over a year and a half. I love it www.flickr.com/photos/y_awanohara I am about to buy the Ikelite housing, as well as a DS 125 strobe (just 1 for now!), and some lens ports. I am planning on getting lens ports for my 18-55mm EF-S and my 100mm USM Macro lens. Does this sound like a good set-up? I also have a 70-300mm zoom lens but don't think it's the best thing to take underwater...please tell me if this isn't the case. Given that I've never done any underwater photography, I am feeling pretty anxious/lost. Is there a good book/manual/guide that anyone suggests? I need to learn about everything - including strobes, general care of the products, white balancing, etc. Even though I am buying my setup now, I won't be diving til end of February in Lembeh/Bangka - I'm travelling around SE Asia til then (so plenty of time to read and study) Please feel free to email me direct at y.awanohara(at)gmail.com Thanks very much in advance for your help! Yuri
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