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  1. Yup. Just lost another one. I really want the 7, but what I want even more is a freaking camcorder that can actually zoom! I'm tired of swimming after fish like its the flipping' 2018 olympics and I'm after Michael Phelps. I just want some zoom and some focus and not have to turn on 10,000 lumens of freaking light, blowing out the eyes of poor little fish everywhere. So I'm on here posting my dumb 3 posts so I can get on the classifieds and find some gear with whats left of my money after flying around the world on my mad quest to drop a flipping gopro in every ocean in the entire world. Please have mercy on me. I want to take awesome videos and show my friends how cool the ocean is. Thank you </rant>
  2. i think everyone is still using the filters. However, it should be noted that when doing closeups with lots of artificial white light (assuming a dive light), you need to take the filter off. Although, it actually looks rather pretty over saturated with red. lol. I just got back from la paz. Great clarity, great people. Probably my favorite Mexican town to date. Not a huge variety of fish, but very pleasant. Most of the upgrades in these cameras has focused on providing 4k and image stabilization. White-balance still sucks in my opinion because of the low dynamic range of these cameras. I'm kinda talking out my arse, but you definitely get very weird artifacts when you transition your shot from dark coral to white sand. Looks like garbage even on the 6. Haven't actually tried the seven, so maybe you're in for a pleasant surprise? Super good deal at $399 though.
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