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  1. Hey, I’ve had the prototype of the Aquatica 5HD monitor since March and been getting to grips with it a fair bit. It’s the first monitor I’ve used underwater or otherwise but generally I’m very pleased. In fact, I’m now at the stage of “How did I ever live without a monitor?!!” I find the focus peaking and histogram display most useful as well as the obvious 5.7” inch screen for ease of composition. Up until now I’ve been using it with my D850 which has gone well, but I’m shortly going to using it exclusively with the Nikon Z6 & 7 when the Aquatica housing arrives later next week. I think the monitor will pair very well with these cameras and their phase detect hybrid auto focus systems. A point worth noting is this a monitor only and not an external recorder. But as far as I’m concerned, the price point is good and it works really well. It’s made my transition from shooting only stills into shooting video as well very pain free. Happy to answer any more questions about it. Cheers,
  2. Hi, I recently took this image of a sickle fin lemon shark in Fiji but would love to know the ID of the yellow and black striped fish accompanying it. Does anyone have a clue? I've done extensive google image searches and looked it heaps of fish ID charts but no conclusive joy. I think it might be a yellow striped sea bream? but I can't confirm, any help appreciated. Cheers Matt
  3. For sale - Ikelite DS-50 Substrobe + arm, Cable & Diffuser. Very good condition, little used would like £250 GBP. Also for sale - Nikon F80 & Ikelite dedicated housing + 28-80 f3.5-5.6 Nikon G lens & 70-300 Nikon G lens, Ikelite 5503.5 lens dome for use with 28-80 lens and +4 dioptre filter, mb-16 power grip for F80 + 10 fuji reala films. All excellent condition would like £550 GBP for the Nikon/housing kit. Cheers, Matt. You can view images taken using this gear on my website at www.pbase.com/mattpix
  4. Hi, how much do you want for the sea&sea housing? i might be interested. do you know if it compatible with ikelite strobes? also do you have any lense ports for it? Thanks, Matt
  5. Wanted to buy: Ikelite substrobes DS-50 & DS125 plus slave sensor and arms.
  6. Wanted to buy ikelite housing for fuji S2 pro camera, also looking for DS-50 or DS-125 strobes.
  7. Wanted to buy, an underwater housing for a Fuji S2 Pro camera. Preferably an ikelite housing but other brands considered. Also i would like to buy either an ikelite DS50 or DS125 substrobe. Cheers.
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