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  1. What did you eventually get? I am actually picking from the two at the moment. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the TRT Electronics Turtle trigger for use on a compact camera with a hotshoe? Specifically the LX100 II in a Nauticam housing? Are there alternative flash triggers that may be compatible with compact cameras?
  3. Thanks Chris, I did not realize they had that universal bracket, I will get that instead. Cheers, Aaron
  4. Hello there, I have a Nauticam Flexitray II and want to install a trigger mount. However, since I don't have a Nauticam housing the Nauticam brackets won't work. I am looking at third party options but don't know if those options are compatible with the Nauticam Flexitray II. Would like to know if the Dimension X and the Screw Diameter here are standard? Cheers, Aaron
  5. Thanks so much Chris and Interceptor for the feedback. That gives me enough information to conclude that when I am running these video lights, I'll only be able to do macro work and not be able to shoot farther distances. Based on that I'll stick to my strobes for when I do wide-angle work.
  6. Hi Chris, I understand, I am currently using a Canon G7X III, it is fairly decent in low light. But I am not sure if the video light would be strong enough to allow me to take fish portraits (0.5 - 1.0 m away) that are sharp and where you have the colors back. Would like to know your thoughts. thanks.
  7. Hi All, I am looking for video lights that can operate both above and below the water for extended time (40 mins+). This is a bit hard to find as most underwater video lights need water to prevent them from overheating. Right now the only option I am able to find is the Light and Motion Stella CL 1000/2500 UW Video Light. The light will function up to 1000 lumens above water and up to 2500 lumens below water. Based on my experience 2 x 1000 lumen video lights is sufficient lighting above water to illuminate photography subjects up to 5 meters away. However, underwater I am not sure if 2 x 2500 Lumen Video lights would provide enough lighting to be useful underwater. My questions are: 1. What type of underwater photography/video would 2 x 2500 lumen Video Lights allow me to do achieve decently? I know it should be enough for macro but what about medium sized subjects at about 0.5 -1 meter distance? 2. Does anyone have experience using the Light and Motion Stella CL 1000/2500 UW Video Light? How was your experience? 3. Does anyone know of other Video Light options that are able to operate above and below water at extended periods? Thanks, Aaron
  8. Hi Everyone, I am a photography enthusiast based in the Philippines. I love taking nature pictures and animal behavior both above and below the water. The kick I get out of it is the thrill of the hunt to get that perfect shot -- the more challenging the shot the better. I would typically spend 2-3 days out in the field finding, observing and photographing a specific animal or location. I am looking to seek advice with photography underwater. Cheers, Aaron
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