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  1. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I have consulted a shrimp expert and he does not think that they are shrimps.
  2. Any ideas on what this weird, hairy something is shown in the attached photo? I encountered it in Ambon at a depth of 10 metres. Its overall size was around 10mm long. I did not observe it to move as a whole. The orange ‘Fleur di lis’ shaped entities seem to be in some kind of capsules and individually separate, sitting in the hairy substrate. They also seem to have eyes - e.g. the larger one in the centre on the left - and also feature three projecting ‘spines’ along their back - e.g. the larger one in profile on the right. It appears to be some kind of nest. Close inspection showed that the orange 'Fleur de lis’ entities are actually mobile and changing position - and one or two have actually left the ’nest’. Those ‘Fleur di lis’ creatures are tiny. I estimate even the largest one in the photo is less than a millimetre in length.
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