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  1. Antelope Valley Desert Divers scuba club has 4 pool rooms still available for a week of diving in June 2020. We are passing along the great rate we received for this all-inclusive dive week. 7 nights accommodation, 3 meals daily, 6 X 2 am tank dives (12) total, resort fees, taxes and gratuities included (dive staff gratuities not included) +$100 USD resort credit. $1750.00 USD (cash) or $1800.00 USD (credit) each double occupancy. If you want to save $150.00 USD PM me (uno5150diver@yahoo.com) Actual flier for the trip can viewed at www.avdesertdivers.org then go to event and scroll down to the trip. Another avenue is check us out on Facebook Antelope Valley Desert Divers Don't miss this great opportunity to dive some great walls.
  2. Try www.samys.com underwater section. They had a brand new one a week ago for $699.00. 


    1. cjorca


      Thank you! 

    2. PsychoSgt


      You're welcome.  This item is still available with 1 year warranty. 


  3. Hello, I'm a scuba diver that loves to perform underwater photography. Hopefully the members on this forum will help me to improve my abilities to capture better photos of the underwater world. Cheers
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