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  1. Nauticam recommends novus #2 with a clean microfiber cloth cloth (do NOT use the abrasive paper that sometimes comes with novus 2). Also I was told while glass used to have a coating, currently the coating/treatment is only in the inside of the glass that isn’t exposed. as a preventative, Marc at Bluewater photo recommends salt x as well after a soak. I think a rinse with some drinking water after that would probably be ideal, then a wipe down with a microfiber cloth. I wish this was day one information. Places like south Fakarava pass and kri eco resort have brackish water coming out of the tap, not so nice for glass especially on long trips.
  2. Hello there everyone- I had a camera bag stolen a couple months ago and in it was my gh5 and a couple lenses. I’ve since re-purchased said items but I’m at a loss regarding my camera settings. My buddy who introduced me to underwater filming was the one who walked me through all the custom settings and he has since given up on the hobby and unfortunately gone missing in action. I have attempted to film in Bonaire with truly disappointing results with the new body and I’d really like to get back on track. I’m planning a long trip to the Philippines and the Okinawa islands and would really appreciate some help from one of the elder statesmen here on wetpixel. I don’t mind sending some kind of electronic pay for your time and effort for the walk-through. Many thanks!
  3. Stellar work, man. Can you tell me about your equipment please
  4. Initially I ordered the Backlight 36L from ThinkTank, and the next day I realized maybe I made a mistake when I started considering the certain eventuality of having to run through an airport with a 20+ kilo bag strapped to my back (I really must stop online shopping at 2 in the morning). I called ThinkTank Photo and after speaking with Justin, one of their CS reps, we had a very helpful and informative discussion of which bag would work best for my needs and we came to the conclusion it would be the Airport International. He even applied a 15% discount without so much as batting an eye in order to bring my total cost closer to what the Backlight 36 would've cost me. I was really blown away by ThinkTank's service and willingness to go the extra mile. Once I received the Airport International (within 36 hours, I might add: Wow!), I realized the retractable handle was preventing the bag from zipping closed around my nauticam camera and smallhd 502 housing. I called ThinkTank again, and they were incredibly understanding about what was essentially my own error in understanding the variable depth of the retractable handle housing in the bag, and they sent me the Airport Security bag within a day, along with a free shipping label to send back the International. I should mention they even expedited the shipping to me, next day, on their own dime. I just received the bag this morning and the extra inch or so of depth really makes all the difference and everything i need to take on a flight comfortably fits into my camera bag, including all the batteries, chargers, cables, my laptop and various little accessories. I must admit, I may have been a little skeptical about spending so much on carry-on luggage, but this bag is very well padded, the exterior is sturdy and it is really well thought out. All bases are covered and I feel very comfortable knowing all my gear is in good hands. Furthermore, I can't say enough good things about how impressively I was handled by ThinkTank's customer service- these guys went the extra mile and then some- I really can't say enough good things about my experience with them. And I have no affiliation to the company and my relationship is strictly a new and very enthused customer. I will just cross my fingers and hope i can fit this bag into overhead compartments or stow under the airplane seat internationally. My first test will be to Kona, Hawaii in a week and a half. Wish me luck.
  5. dreifish, i saw your rig in the video forum, that thing is an absolute beast. I think i've narrowed down my choices. I guess my last question would be: What is the dimensions of your carry-on that you've been able to get onto an international flight?
  6. Appreciate all the replies. I guess I should mention that my goal is to be able to carry on internationally without any issue (barring a counter agent wanting to weigh the bag). Ideally, I would prefer to not have to disassemble the handles and tripod ball mount tray from the housing (without detaching any of the aforementioned components, the housing currently stands approximately 8" tall). I should add that my lights are fairly large (3" diameter x 9" length) and, like @psudonym, I am also using 2 float arms (70mm x 250mm), and will also be lugging around a 13" macbook pro, 1-2 portable hard drives, miscellaneous chargers and batteries, and an 8 outlet surge protected power strip. I plan to check a single large dive bag that includes 2 pairs of fins, 2 wetsuit, a wing bcd, mask, snorkel, long boots, gloves, and my reg/octopus and dive computer, a couple pairs of swim trunks, rash guard, a hoodie sweater, and a few shirts and miscellaneous toiletries. The dive bag will likely weigh 23-25 kilos as is. I could wrap some of the less crucial camera components in my clothes. Despite the fact that I would regularly slump forward while carrying by backpack because it was so heavy and overloaded, I've never been stopped at any of the 17 airports on my last trip to asia have my carry-on weighed. With that said, I like the Think Tank Video Transport 20 roller: https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/video-cases-video-transport-series/products/video-transport-20 Would I have trouble getting this onboard an international flight? Think Tank also makes a smaller Video Transport bag, but it lacks the depth that I prefer so I can keep the nauticam housing intact without removing the handles/tripod ball-mount tray.
  7. Hello there! My name is Mike and I have just purchased a Lumix GH5 with an underwater housing and some arms, lights and a tripod. I have little to no experience traveling with a camera other than a gopro, point and shoot or my smart phone, and was looking for some tips regarding the type of luggage wetpixel members use for transporting their camera gear across the ocean, and what additional items you pack (be it spare clamps, arms, batteries, etc) Currently, I have 2 lenses, 2 ports, a wet lens, 2 lights, a camera body, camera housing, 3 tripod legs, a monitor and housing for the monitor. Would really appreciate your advice and possibly some pics for your luggage. I don't know if i'm ready to go all out and purchase a monstrous Pelican case just yet. Thanks in advance
  8. I was in Raja Ampat with a diver who I saw knock over a 15"-17" diameter colony of tabling acropora right off the rock it was encrusted on with his fins while trying to get the most useless/mundane shot (probably of a lionfish, probably the 50th we encountered, which he would shoot again and again without fail). It fell over, top down into the sand bed and he didn't even bother to turn around to see what he came in contact with. I really wanted to disengage his stage two from his oxygen tank
  9. What's up, Jesper! It's Mike from Raja Ampat
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