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  1. Hi, I'm new with "DSLR-diving". I hve both these lenses and I am curious to know if anyone has ideas of wich lens to use primarily. Either the Nikon 18-70 (with zoom-facilities below surface) or the Sigma 15 mm Fisheye. I'm going to Sudan and will be taking pictures of wrecks, fishes and corals.
  2. I'm new here so my reply is a bit late but I felt I had to comment this thread. I've been a customer with Fantasea for about two years now. I have had the CP-4 Pro, the FP-4 and now I hve ust ordered the FD-70N that I'm waiting for. The only reason for changing has been my wanting to "upgrade"... I have had no problems what so ever with the housings and my experiences with Customer Support (mailings) have been impeccable. Howard and his staff has been fast and very customer oriented. So I can seriously recommend Fantasea!
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