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  1. Have you checked prizes for new DJ2 online? Just asking..
  2. Hi Tim, Will specifiy that when i'm home again (beginning of next week). Added rough ideas I have about prices.
  3. Hey there, Selling a Nikon D700 body (350$) + Subal housing (1500 $) + ports (flat port 100$, will add specification), dome port (DP-FE 800$) + SB 800 with Subal housing SN800 (650$) + PDK1 PowerDrive (250$) , all in very good condition, body had its last service in june 14 Price for the package: 3000$ Would love to sell the package, could split it up though. Shipping world wide. If you are anxious about this new account I can send you my facebook / copy of passport with personal informations. Happy to take any offers. Regards Flo
  4. Hey guys, I am Flo, 28 years old, from Germany. I am looking for my first camera and want to buy something which will work for my needs in the next several years. While researching I stumbled upon wetpixel.com and wanted to start being part of this forum aswell. Thanks for all the shared information here! Regards Flo
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