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  1. Hi fondueset: Thanks for posting your S80 photos from Lake Michigan. I enjoyed browsing through them and looking at the settings. A stupid question: looking at the EXIF info, some say "no flash fired, compulsory flash mode". Doesn't compulsory flash mode mean that the flash will always fire, no matter what? Seems like a contradiction in terms. Also, did you use an external strobe with any of your S80 photos, or was everything done with the internal? And what was the usual depth you were shooting at -- couldn't be too deep. because you still have decent light and color. Thanks, Mark (Winnipeg)
  2. MJ: Thanks for the exposure info. And based on the previous post from fondueset (thanks!) I'll probably swallow the Ikelite cost and get the Canon WP-DC1 before Belize this month. Too bad, because the Ikelite is an incredibly sturdy and well-built unit, and will never leak. Here's another reason for the Canon: I was offered a Sea & Sea strobe package (Sea Arm Light and YS-27DS) to use with the Ike in Belize, thinking it might mitigate some of the problems. When I tried to attach, we discovered that the Ike housing LOCKS YOU IN to strictly Ikelite trays, arms and strobes. The "tripod" screw holes on the base (on two sides, not even in the center) are not the industry-standard US 1/4" and are a propriatery (possibly metric) thread, so a Sea & Sea tray (also tried the older DX tray, and many tripod screws at home) will not attach. Interesting. I prefer the S&S YS-27 to the Ike DS-51 (better guide number, angle coverage, etc), so I don't want to be pushed into everything Ikelite. Divers should be able to mix and match. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi MJ: Thanks for posting a few pictures with the s80 and Canon housing, they look very nice. When you say you used Manual, do you mean the actual M setting on the camera, or just non-Auto, as in "P"? I'm getting a little worried now about having bought the Ike housing, however, because any good shots I've seen have only been with the Canon housing. I received the Ike last week and took it into the pool. Fabulous construction and excellent view of the camera and seal, BUT I found the multi-function control very cumbersome and hit-and-miss in use. And I found that I MUST use the diffuser otherwise there's a large ugly shadow in every photo in the lower right. They say to zoom in to get rid of it, but then what's the benefit of wide-angle? There's also a known problem of the zoom sticking due to pressure, and the difficulty (because of the way the controls are placed) of getting at certain ones like the exposure compensation button. I assume the shadow is from the lens port being caught in the wide angle as it flashes. So now I'm thinking, why didn't I just do what every joe consumer does and get a regular non-wide angle camera with a Canon housing and away I go, just like I've seen almost every other diver do. Seems my interest in getting the "best" camera and the "best" housing will result in a less-than-usable setup. As it stands after the pool tryout, I'm considering dumping the Ikelite s80 housing on eBay (3 days old, one pool session) and getting the Canon housing, or dumping the whole s80 idea and getting an Olympus SP-350 or the new Canon G7 and housing. Do you think it's unfair to judge the usability of the s80 and Ike from just one pool session, before taking them into open water with proper lighting and bright sunlight? I could probably fix the lighting problems with an external strobe, but I really didn't want to start getting into that until I got more experience with the basic setup. Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi Edwin: I am a diver in Winnipeg, Canada, and bought an S80 last February with the intent of eventually using it underwater. I finally decided on the Ike 6140.08 (vs. the Canon WP-DC1), and should be receiving it in a week or so. I will be taking the setup - S80 and Ike - to Belize March 1-8 2007. If I have any success, I will let you know if you like. No external strobe until I get used to everything else, I want to keep things simple for now. A few questions: 1 - Could you point me to where in the Picturea area you have posted your Curacao pictures done with the S80/Ike housing? 2 - Looking at the housing pictures, I see no way of turning the selector dial on the side between Auto, Av, Tv, P, etc. The Canon housing clearly has such a control, but how does Ike do it? Is it that joystick-looking thing? BTW, I chose the Ike over Canon because I'm told that at bigger housing has less problems with condensation forming, and that a bigger housing allow some small tolerance for water buildup in the event that a leak does occur. Way more money for the Ike, however. Thanks, Mark Cohen Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
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