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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for the right set up for wide angle shooting with my Sony a6300. It's in a Meikon / Sea Frogs Salted Line Housing. I have the following set up on my mind: Sony 16-50mm kit lens (full control with zoom and autofocus) with a wide angle wet lens. Sony 16 or 20mm pancake with wide angle or fish eye converter with 4" Dome Port. Sigma 19mm (with autofocus) and a wide angle wet lens. Samyang 8mm (can't use the aperture and focus inside the housing) with 4" Dome Port Samyang 12mm (same, no aperture, no focus control) with 4" Dome Port I might be able to 3D print a ring to use at least the aperture of the Samyangs in the housing. Which one would / do you use and why? Or do you have other ideas for me? Thank for your help! Regards, Ricardo
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a wide angle wet lens to attach onto my SeaFrogs / Meikon Salted Line housing for the Sony a6300. With the macro port attached to it I have a 67mm thread for a Wet Lens. Inside is the SEL1855 kit lens. Does anyone use that set up and knows if there will be vignetting because of the macro port? Is anyone using the CamDive / KitDive Wide Angle Wet Lens: https://seafrogs.com.hk/products/wide-angle-wet-correctional-dome-port-lens-67mm-round-adapter ? Thanks a lot for your help guys! Best regards, Ricardo
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