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    Nikon D850
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    Aquatica AD850
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    INON Z330
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  1. PM plz, I am interested in the Mount ring and wanted it ASAP.
  2. I am interested for the Nauticam adapter only, since I am using new type of Aquatica macro port, the listed might not be fit for my system. If you willing to sell, plz PM me.
  3. I think not necessary. The most common used lens for nikon is 105mm for macro and 16mm for wide angle. Both will need a extension ring on Z series. I think the housing company will have to design new port also. And most important, Z7 has weaker performance than D850 on dynamic focusing. That is very crucial underwater.
  4. They have limited ports for consideration. And I am using Aquatica but their response is freaking slow. If I have choice still, I will prefer Nauticam for sure.
  5. Hi, I am a diver from Singapore. Going to be a new DM.
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