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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. You are right. What do I like taking the most ? Yes, its macro. I just have to get so close with my 60 or that would have been enough. Besides needing 2 strobes, I thought the inon D2000 would be a good addition beause of the focus/modelling light. I have missed some good stuff because of low light focussing problems. I am unsure of what you mean by a "converter" regards Gabby
  2. Greetings ! I am currently facing every photographers dilema. I want, and deserve, a new piece of kit ! And a lens and/or strobe is top of the list (OK, and strobe). I have a very basic couple of lenses for my N70 and Subal housing -Nikkor 18-70 zoom and 60mm macro. Those that have caught my eye are : Sigma 10-20mm Nikon 105mm macro (have been told the older version rather that the new VR is better) I appreciate that extention rings and gears will probably be needed too although I am hoping that the 10-20 fits the Dp-FE2 dome port (can anyone tell me ?) and that the 105 will fit the flat port that fits the 60. If not one of these lenses, if you could only buy one more this year, which would it be (if you had my kit only!!) ? Strobes ? The Inon D-2000 looks a good bet to accompany my S&S YS90? Any opinions, advice and help will be greatly appreciated. Gabby
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