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  1. Yes, Sea of Cortez offers fantastic diving. Was there in October, endless sunny days, warm water, tons of sea lions, dolphins and fish.
  2. I've been diving for 40 years and started photography about 15 years ago with a Canon point and shoot. Unfortunately, the housing was so big and bulky that it required extra luggage to bring it along on overseas trips. I lost interest and bought a Go Pro to do video but missed the macro photography. Going back to my old system a few months back but the lens mechanism jammed and decided since it was such an outdated system I would start over with a new camera. I choose the Sony a6000 and am now looking for recommendations on housing, lens, and other equipment. I developed my own film years ago and love the instantness of digital. Doing two major trips next year to Antartica and Galapagos, so want to het the equipment now to start working with it.
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