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  1. A bit of an update to this post. I accidentally removed the original album that I posted so here it is again: https://photos.app.goo.gl/m3ARZw9mjCg6yTRp9 Photos with lights can be found in this album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9fZk7bmz8wAuAmZ87 After much research I ended up settling on: - SeaLife Dragon Video Lights, 2 @ 2500 Lumens - https://underwater.com.au/shop/sealife-sea-dragon-duo-5000.html - SeaLife Wet Lens for the housing - https://underwater.com.au/shop/sealife-0-5x-wideangle-dome-lens.html This setup meant that I could shoot macro and wide as well as photos and video. All on the same dive. Not sure if that's necessary but worked for me. The light really makes a difference to the colour When I was diving I thought that I was missing the extra brightness of strobes but after reviewing the images and video I'm happy. Having the continuous lights meant that the videos also had colour in them (if I wasn't too far away) The wide angle lens was OK. I have a love hate relationship with this lensPros: Takes good photos when you can frame the scene. Closer mean colour was much improved. Cons: 52mm ring attachment is a pain to get on and off, burping with a ring tedious, really need to be very close, had issues on where to store while shooting marco I also worked a lot of settings, keeping ISO < 200, exposure comp, not zooming too much. Backscatter.com has a really good printout to take on the trip: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Olympus-TG-5-Best-Underwater-Camera-Settings All in all I found the setup pretty cost effective and flexible. If I could work out a good way to mange the wide angle lens that would be ideal. There is a quick adapter for the sealife camera and lens holder. This would be really good. Something to work on for the next trip. Lastly, I started having issues with the housing. It started fogging up. I checked the o-ring multiple times but always ended up fogging around the 50 min mark of the dive. Have ordered a new o-ring so hopefully that solves the issue. For anyone interested, a write up of the trip can be found here: https://thelawofadventures.com/misool-a-review/
  2. Hi Chris, I stumbled upon your Instagram photos and they look awesome! The colours on these type of photos come up really well. Is that mostly due to lighting? https://www.instagram.com/p/BqMLW0iFcq7/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BrNS3h3llob/ With something like https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqs6DBXlx6x/, is the clarity and colour due to the addition of strobes? Thanks Wayn
  3. Thanks Chris. That's super useful information, especially the keeping the ISO low and getting closer to the subject. I'll look at getting a strobe or 2 for the current setup as well as a wide angle wet lens. The barracuda was shot in RAW and then post-processing with the white balance. It probably got made too blue in the edit. Might bring a white card down next time so that it's easier to set the white balance in the water then try to do in lightroom I guess I'm on the search for strobes and a wet lens
  4. Thanks Wolfgang. I didn't have a primary interest yet. Still discovering.
  5. Earlier in the year I went to Indonesia with an Olympus TG-4 and underwater housing (PT-058). I also have a Sony a6000 which takes really good photos above water. Here are a few of my photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UoaAwGQgdbm19dEP8 I was wondering what I should do to improve the quality of the photos. I think it's the colour that is lacking for the photos and maybe the clarity? I waned to get some thoughts on which of the following would be a good idea: 1. Keep using the TG-4 and add lights 2. Purchase a a6000 enclosure and also add lights. Thoughts?
  6. Hi All, I've been diving for a little while but just started taking underwater photos. Took a TG4 to Raja Ampat and got some nice photos but looking to learn more on how to improve these for future dives. I also shoot with an Sony a6000 on land so trying to work out if I upgrade the mirrorless kit or if I upgrade the current TG4 setup
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