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  1. Hey Conrad, unfortunately I don't think that they will work for the EF lens. As you said these gears are usually very specific to match the internal gearing in the housing. I can't seem to find the EF version on ReefPhoto or Backscatter so I could be wrong and maybe they do work but probably not....
  2. I have both the Nauticam Focus & Zoom Gears for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DN Art lens for L mount or E mount. I no longer own the lens so I am looking to sell the gears. Looking for $300 for both and will ship for free within the USA.
  3. I'm looking for a large dome for a Nauticam housing. Glass needs to be clean with no scratches and able to ship to USA. Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Brandon but the vII doesn't quite fit for the vIII. Appreciate the offer!
  5. Looking to buy SEACAM Zoom Gear Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 USM III. Would need to arrive to California by August 10th. If anyone has a spare that they are willing to sell it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Is this still for sale? How would I convert this to a HDMI monitor?
  7. What ambient light filters would people recommend for the Keldan lights as they come with 3 different depth options. Does their middle of the range "M" improve the white balance with lights at all depths?
  8. I am thinking of buying a GH5s and housing but wanted to know of any rumors of releases next year that would be in the same price range? It is an anniversary year for Olympus so are they planning on releasing a camera to compete?
  9. Hello, Reasonably new to underwater videography having played with an Oly EM1-Mii and Canon 1-DC on an education project for a non-profit where we broadcast underwater live lessons to classrooms in the Cayman Islands. Now looking to get back into the water for a hobby and producing some short documentaries. Tom
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