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    NW Burb of Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.
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    SCUBA, Aviation/Propellers, General photography, travel, Boats, Oldsmobiles/Drag Racing,

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    United States
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    Olympus E-PL3 and old C-5050
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    Nauticam NAEPL3 and old Ikelite 5050
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    Dual YS-110A/SOLA 1200 and old dual DS-50's
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    14-42 kit and 9-18 WA lens'
  1. It was me. I was not in Manual like I thought I was. Kevin at Reef helped me out. He walked me through the "Supermenu" install. Dang I feel small.
  2. Hi Guys. Any ideas? Twin YS-110a's. I have a post over in the Olympus section of SB. Seems like the strobes light never makes it to the sensor. Link is above
  3. Sorry Jack, I didn't know you were offering the same thing. I really like the nauticam stuff you have sold me. I just thought this is a great deal people need to know about as a starter system. I've edited my original post above. Be well, Joe Edit: Told them over on Scubaboard site as well in the Oly section. Hope you get some calls/sales...
  4. Sent to me in an email from Olympus. Great deal! While supplies last. Enter code: CAPTUREDEEP to save $400 instantly. Or get the whole rig for $499. Smokin' good deal on a Micro 4/3 setup. Edit: opticaloceansales.com Right on the home page. 52% off...
  5. Imageshack? I'm not sure anyone uses it, except me... Edit: Thanks for the site by the way.
  6. I used one of these (scroll down): http://www.xdtalk.co...er-made-10.html This guy's 10 yr old daughter makes them. They are made from 550 paracord. Tell them it is for an UW camera. She can make them in any color combination imaginable, and in any length. I got red, and blue with reflective white strands. I need to add some clips to to the ends of mine, but I like it. Joe Edit for images:
  7. Stupid question of the day: Do You have to register with amazon .com.uk or does it link to amazon.com in the states? Looks like a great book! Thanks, Joe
  8. I just wanted to say hello. I have been lurking around this site for a couple of years now. After submitting some pics in the contest before the deadline today... I felt obligated to hello. Hello I've been shooting with my C-5050 for a couple of years now. Last year I got one an Ikelite TTL housing. I also use a DS-50 strobe. As time permits I'll post some of my photos to see what the community thinks of my work. If you are wondering about the user name it is because that is what I do for a living. I'm Chief Inspector at the largest Aircraft Propeller shop in the country. Hence Prop in the user name. Joe is my name.= Prop Joe. My friends who do not work in aviation started calling me that about 20 yrs ago. My favourite place to dive is Cozumel. I proposed at sunset on Villa Aldora's dock last spring and will be tying the knot there this spring. I like drift diving! I also like the steel 120's that are used by Aldora(and some others). Ever Since Dave finished the Villa on the water we usually stay there and will be married right there on the beach. In October I got sent to Kauai to work on a Navy plane and train some of the Techs there. Jurassic Park with diving! My boss let me stay an extra day to dive. I did four dives in one day on the South shore. I got a few shots of some turtles in and around some collapsed lava tubes. Anyhow Hello and good bye for now. Joe
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