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  1. I just got back from Dema and got to see the new Light & motion CX-520 housing. Pictures below of the housing and the new sunray 2000 lights. The guys at light and motion demoed the one touch feature and it was great to see it done at the push of one button. One of the guys has dove the xr520, the new canon and the cx520. He said the new canon white balances deeper than the XR at depth and the new CX white balances deeper than the canon (he was talking in the 60' range). He also stated the camera is real nice with the new user interface. The housing looks great with out the side window and joy stick hanging out of it. This camera had the OLED display and looked great. I was told the OLED have been corrected with the color problems underwater as to early models. On display were the new suray 2000 light, WOW they are so much smaller in lenth and almost 3/4 pounds lighter each. ( sales rep claim) They look like the 1000's in size. I also noticed the batteries looked shorter and fits under the housing better. When I saw the Bluefin housing at BTS the batteries looked to stick past the front of the housing by a couple inches with the sunray 2000's. About the camera from Cnet ".The two models, which differ only by built-in memory--the 500V has 32GB while the 520V includes 64GB--use the same Exmor-R back-illuminated sensor and G-series 12X zoom lens as the XR versions, so we expect them to deliver the same high-quality video, and both retain the novelty geotagging capability for video and new Active SteadyShot image stabilization for use while walking. For the newer models, Sony has made some much-needed improvements to the user interface, as well as added another axis (roll) of electronic image stabilization. The CX500V/CX520V retain a manual control dial, although it's in the back of the unit rather than on the lens barrel. Other enhancements: Face Touch for face detection, the capability to upconvert to 60p playback when connected to a TV via HDMI and in-camcorder downconverting to MPEG-2 (for direct-to-DVD transfers)."
  2. I'm looking at a external 1tb network drive, then mirror the drives. Being Ethernet my other computer can access the drives Western Digital 1 TB New Eggs price
  3. Here's a DVD I picked up at the Amphibico booth from the Beneath the Sea event. http://underwatervideobasics.com/dvb/
  4. What the sale person from Amphibico told me at the under the sea show, the Hi def monitor on the rear was an option and it came standard with the normal monitor. It only weight 23 pounds loaded with the camera. That's almost half the weight or the phenom
  5. Here's the review on the Canon HV-20, Not sure if any housing are being made for it. The review did a lot of side by side comparisons to the Sony HC-7. http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Canon...rder-Review.htm
  6. The monitor was large. The screen itself looked to be about 4" wide and close to 2 1/2 high. In the lights of the indoor show it was easy to see the screen and it didn't look washed out from the indoor lighting. As you can see in the picture it is amost as large as the flat port lense in width. the Monitor dwarft the Evo
  7. Be sure to click the Evo and Phenom pics in the link above. They have the High Res monitor mounted on them.
  8. I just got back from the Under the sea show in NJ. Wow it was great to walk around and see all the neat stuff. Like a kid in a candy store. I took pictures of the Amphibico Endevor, their Hi res monitor, Evo buddy and Phenom with the 50watt HIDs. The hi res monitor was killer looking. Seeing the endevor and phenom wanted me to go out and get a FX1 or 7 they were very nice set ups. I just think they are to big to travel fly with. The 50Watt pro lights had these small spotter lights in the battery that would be great for night diving. They are still talking of a June release for the endevor. I was also told the endevor can come with the high res monitor installed in the back of the housing if you wanted. I also have pics of the L&M HC3 bluefin, you can see some pics of the sea thru window for white balancing. The Bluefin HD was a real nice housing also. It was sporting a 50watt HID light set up also. I asked L&M if they were thinking about a Hi res monitor and they said they will have something out by the end of the year. I ask how big was it going to be and he told me it should have a monitor simular in size to the amphibico one. All the pictures are here in this folder, they are about 1/2 meg each in size in case you want to zoom in on some. a few pics came out a little fuzzy too. Housing pictures the endevor
  9. Thanks Ryan for the pic of the plunger set-up. From the looks of it you have a window on the side of the camera to see the screen? Think you could post a picture of that whole side of the housing. or any other pictures you might think are of interest on the housing.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-DCRTRV950-MiniD...r/dp/B000067VKY
  11. Image-Reversing circuitry. I don't have the H-3 but am shooting an older TRV-50 with a Nimar housing, The nimar housing is like the Ikelite and uses a mirror. When I open my housing door and flip it over, the image flips, also the start and stop wording has changed to a Icon that's green and red. The battery meter does not show time and shows just a bar. With it flipped over I close the door with the screen facing out and everything is the same. When you put a mirror up to the camera the image is flipped the right way, You can check this by taking the camera to your bath room, open the mirror cabinet door and look at the mirror. Your image should look left and right just like that way your looking or if the wife has a small mirrow borrow it and put it up to the screen and look at the mirrow. The Image-Reversing circuitry must be reversing the words that are for the screen. I could be wrong since I don't own the HC-3 and it's possible it changes thing with the door flipped back.
  12. I was looking at the HC-7 because I want something to travel with. I can afford a fx1 or 7 but don't want to haul another 50 pounds with me traveling. It's sad EVO will not have white balance. I looking for a small HD camera with white balance. I heard L&M has it but was leaning towards Amphibico. I'm still waiting for more feed back on the cameras low light issues first and will most likely look at both housings if L&M and Amphibico have them on display at http://www.beneaththesea.org/ this march. By then I should see some reviews up about the camera itself. If it not good I guess I'll wait another year and keep shooting what I have. If the FX-7 would have came out as good as the FX-1 I most likely would have bought it.
  13. nice review ryan, do you have any pictures of you L&M. Most of the controls you were talking about. I'd like to see plunger type dial. L&M site don't show to many detailed pics.
  14. now we need some feed back on the on the camera with low light use. http://www.amphibico.com/amphibico/product...1000185#Product
  15. I see the Sony HC-7 is now for sale and waiting on reviews to start poping up. I also e-mailed Amphibico to see if they are going to release a housing for it. Here's their response I got today from them. Wow I didn't think anybody would have housings for at least 2 or 3 months. just thought I'd share it will you guys
  16. Wagsy has a review on the Amphibico EVO and HC1. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15274
  17. I guess I'll have to post more. Dean . Still I come hear to learn from the masters. I think this is one of the best underwater video forums on the net. The info and reviews you guys do is the best. At least it is for me as hobbiest that shoots only for fun. 2 Lux (0 Lux with Super NightShot® Infrared System) What I see, is it's 2 lux and 0 lux in night shot mode I sure would like to see the HDR-HC7 tested in a Amphibico EVO, This could be a nice travel camera which I'm looking for. Wagsy's review on the EVO was just fantastic and shows you can shoot great vids with smaller cameras.
  18. Hi everybody. I new to posting here but have been lurking (reading) for well over a year. I find this a great site and full of info. Sorry I don't have anything as great to share with you. I've been watching about the FX-7 like others on this site and out of no where I see this one the HC-7 Sony HDR-HC7 Specs It has a 1/2.9 3200 cmos sensor. It has a lot of nicer specs over the HC-3 It's minimum lux is 2 , The HC-3 has a min Lux of 5, the FX-1 has a min Lux of 3 and the Fx-7 has a min lux of 4 I thought I would pass this along to you guys. I would like to upgrade but just not sure if I want a camera and housing that weights 40 or 50 pounds to shoot for fun. This will be interesting to watch for a small light weight camera. Thanks for your time Dave
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