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  1. So is the G10 a better option than the G11 for shooting underwater?
  2. Thanks for the great info, Jeremy! No TTL in manual....wow.....that's really going to cramp my style.....
  3. Anything besides Ikelite and the Canon-made housing for the G11? I like to shoot in Manual mode with TTL flash using an external strobe. And a sub-question: any significant differences in image quality between these two cameras? And a sub- sub-question: anything else I should be looking at besides these two cameras for which there is a housing available which allows manual mode and TTL flash with an external strobe? THANKS!
  4. Great stuff, Fred! I was just there myself.......what a great location!!
  5. Wow. It doesn't get much better than this. You should go "pro". Very, very nice............... .
  6. Thank you! Here is one of his good lookin' relatives.......Cousin Nudi.......
  7. macro shot in Lembeh Strait: Thanks!
  8. Olympus SP350 point-n-shoot camera can be used in RAW mode.
  9. Kerry, I use rechargable AA batteries, I changed batteries between every dive. Each dive was about 1 hour in duration. It is kind of a battery hog, but not impossibly so. Remember, though, that I was using the hotshoe on the camera and it was directly connected to the strobe via a sync cord for TTL shooting (which is what all of my shots were). If one is using a strobe system where the camera is not directly connected to the strobe, then the internal flash will fire. And of course, that will eat up batteries much faster (and I've read that the internal flash will heat up the inside of the housing and potentially cause fogging on the inside of the lens port.....YUK!). Once the camera has locked focus, there is very little shutter lag. Not quite like shooting the Nikonos :-) but certainly fast enough (0.1 sec?) to capture "heat of the action" images. Autofocusing is a little pokey, but once you get the hang of it, it's also not that bad. You just learn to anticipate. The only serious complaint with the autofocus I had was when the lens was in full "telephoto" mode (equiv of ~120mm for a 35mm film camera), in which case it may never autofocus properly. So I used the camera in "wide angle" mode (equiv of 38mm for a 35mm film camera) 90% of the time, or maybe just slightly zoomed out. In those instances, the camera seemed to autofocus just fine (not nearly as fast my digital Nikon SLR, though!). The lens can be set in "macro mode" which deactivates the zoom function (always in "wide angle" mode) but with the camera set up this way you can focus at very short distances, about 2" from the subject. Most of the time, I just left the camera in "macro mode" since I wasn't really interested in the telephoto capability anyway. I hope that was not too wordy!! Cheers, Peter
  10. Kerry, I just made a similar transition. 13 years with Nikonos V with Ike Substrobe 200 with 20 mm lens for wide angle and Nikonos V with Ike Substrobe 50 with 35 mm lens and extension tube for macro. I just got an Olympus SP350 with Ikelite housing and DS125 strobe and found it very easy to use for fish portraits and macro. Check out my pics with this setup from my recent trip to North Sulawesi: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18473 I was quite pleased with the results. The camera was easy to handle underwater, one handed operation was no problem. The DS125 strobe was probably overkill for the closer stuff, an Ike DS50 probably would have worked just fine.
  11. Dave, your pics are AWESOME! I was there about a month ago, and yes, it is one of the most spectacular locations I've ever been to! We stayed at the Kasawari resort for three days, then on the Aggressor for a week. What a vacation!!!! more of my pics are here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18473 .
  12. Great pics! The water clarity looks pretty darn good! My wife and I dove Dominica a few years ago and really enjoyed the diversity. Topside was pretty interesting, too, for the birds, hot springs, waterfalls, and mountains. We stayed at the Castle Comfort lodge, which was also very enjoyable.
  13. The Kasawari was a great place to relax.......I kind of wish we had more time to spend there. The next part of our trip on the Aggressor was pretty darn nice, too! Hope to see you again sometime! Cheers, Peter
  14. Hi Tony, It was great meeting you at the Kasawari resort a couple of weeks ago. I posted a few of my pics from the trip in the 'Olympus SP350' thread. Hope all is well with you! Peter
  15. not video, but here are some pics with the Olympus SP350: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18473 .
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