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  1. Does anyone have suggestions on how to include Digital photographers in the typical one day underwater photography club photo shootouts? What are your clubs doing? Anyone out there from San Francisco Underwater Photography Society, what are you guys doing?
  2. Hi ! Anyone have any experience or opinions about Light & Motion's Tetra Pro Travel package with the wetmate lens. Using the Oly C4040 it looks like as complete a package as is available today. I question shutter lag and would like some feedback on how successful shooting in manuel mode actually is. No question it is pricey but life is short and if you'r going to be a Bear---be a Grizzley!!
  3. Have you looked at the Light & Motion Tetra housing for the Oly C4040? It has Wetmate underwater swapable 100 degree wideangle lens and macro as well as a standard flat port. Go to their website at uwimagin.com
  4. Is your Tetra housing still for sale? I emailed you and haven't gotten a reply. Are the lens the "Wetmate" lens? can they be swapped underwater? email me at dicklundholm@hotmail.com
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