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  1. Hi Espen and all, I have also been looking at the HW converters to use with the Inon Quad flash. But also there timing problems. :-) But I also understand from theese webpages that with the HW converter you will loose rear sync, this as the converter uses that mode and the flash EV for his mIttl (many manual steps of any strobe even though the strobe does not have this output levels). Is this correct? /Anders Nygren
  2. If you measure the lens and the buttons. it is 84 mm which meacns that it will go into the extensionrings with some force. If you measure the lens without buttons it is 81mm. Yeah i could use it with force before to. But this also means that the lens will be off-center, as the port is 85 mm . This as the buttons are sticking out in one direction. To be able to center the lens in the extension ring and get away the tension in the mount you need to have (84-81)*2+81 = 87mm. I do not think that forcing the lens and the camera is good for the camera and the lens or the housing, something will break sooner or later. No problem to find a guy with a lathe, just call around a bit. When calling them se to it that their lathe will be able to hold somethng 115 mm in diameter from the outside. I gave the guy $35 to fix 5 extension rings.
  3. Machining of subal extension rings. "Don't try this at home kids!!!" :-) I machined away 1mm of the port material, which makes the hole 87mm instead of the standard Subal 85mm. No problems with the bayonet plenty of plastic left to securely hold the ports. It was very easy to machine in the plastic, so we did 5 extension rings in 20 minutes. So now the 105mm fits without converter !!!
  4. Hi all, I got some 12v standard bulbs, like the $.88 bulbs that Eagle Ray mentioned as backup as my european dealer had no spares in stock before i went to Indonesia. I used my Dremmel tool to just sand the bulb surface 1 minute per bulb and good backup. The spec for the ligthbulb provided is 32 hours burntime. When asking I got this reply from Fisheye. "Hi when I read about your FIX Light HG20DX the specification states ・20W frosted glass super bright halogen (32 hour life)・ It that really true that the bulb will last only 32 Hours? Yes, it is true. This is special bright bulb by the lamp company Welch Alleyn. Almost 50 % brighter than simillar same wattage same voltage lamps. This cause to shorter life time. We also have longer life bulb- 100h type, but it show over 30% darker than 30h type." "The bulb is a littel bit customized from original Welch Alleyn. We make the bulbs frosted as being sand-brasted, and a little bit some point to sellect lamps from thousands of lamps. And 100 hour virsion is our original, so it is impossible to get those in your place."
  5. Jupp, I used 40mm + 66mm + specialmade port for Inon ringflash. I like to shoot through alot of air and not water (especially in silty water), thats why I use much more extension rings than needed. I will get someone to machine away 1mm of all my extension rings so that I can use any combination. I reccon that if you take away 1mm if the material, which gives you a 2 mm larger port will be ok.
  6. I just have tried the new Micro Nikkor 105 2.6 AFS VR underwater. As my housing (Subal N10 for F100) did not take the lens without modifications to the extension rings I managed to use it with the Nikon TC-17 teleconverter. Nikon states that AF is not available when using this combination THAT IS NOT TRUE . My feeling is that the lens fokuses much faster with the TC-17 than the old 105 without any converter, and best of all it is totally quiet, no more scaring the fish away when using autofocus with an 105. I used the D70 in the housing but will soon test it with a D200. Initial results looks great even though using the TC-17. It was dam cold as it was 1 degree celsius in the water so not much fish to shoot here in the Baltic sea as the ice just cleared this bay a week ago. Neither the motives or the photos are anything to get exited about but it at least gives some feeling for the new toy.
  7. Thats totally correct, but in practice you feel the "virtual magnification" as you get 1:1 on the small sensor. But when you use the image printed or on the screen side to side by a scanned uncropped "full frame" slide you get the "virtual magnification" wheather you want it or not.
  8. I managed to get the lens in by using the TC17 closest to tha camera. Autofocus works with this teleconverter. Using rings 40 + 66 + Special macroport for Inon quad flash. Will test this setup during eastern as all machine shops are closed for the hollidays. So this will give me 1.7:1 + digital crop = 2.55:1 . And if I'm adding the Inon wetlens (gives 1.4) i will have 3.57:1 So now I just have to find small stuff :-)
  9. Thanks, I missed those treads as the title was "105 AF-S VR; worth it? ". Now hopefully no one else will miss it, and I will try to get some machining done tomorrow.
  10. I just got the new Nikon Micro Nikkor 105 2.8 AFS VR in my hand, its a fat lens.......... I mean FAT LENS !!!!! It will not fit the Subal housing and extension rings. The VR, focus limit and AF/M buttons is so big that you cannot put an extension ring or a port on the housing. I have tried this on my Subal N10 (f100 housing) that we run F100, D70, and D200 in. Yes you read it correct, all cameras have been in this housing underwater Before ordering measure your housing and ports, I'm not sure about other housing manufactures. Solution: Make the internal port diameter bigger 1-2 mm total is needed. The ports have to much plastic in them anyway (I least thats my opinion, so try at your own risk) 1. Professional way. Get someone to put your extension ring in a router and cut away 1 mm of plastic, gives 2 mm total. 2. Easy way : Use the Dremmel to sand away some plastic and it will exactly fit. The lens: Good fast and quiet AF , VR not tested yet maybe during eastern depending on the ICE. Focuses to minimum focusing distance with the Nikon 1.7 teleconverter so thats good.
  11. Hi, I have just ordered the FIX Light HG20DX shortly before a trip to Indonesia, but the reseller did not have any extra light bulbs in stock. And the bulb included only has a burn time of 32 hours according to spec. See: http://www.fisheye-jp.com/E/lights.html This has also been confirmed by the Fisheye company and they also said: "This is special bright bulb by the lamp company Welch Alleyn. Almost 50 % brighter than simillar same wattage same voltage lamps. This cause to shorter life time. We also have longer life bulb- 100h type, but it show over 30% darker than 30h type." Does any one have any specifications of which light bulbs both the 32 and the 100 hours bulbs that are used in the light. Or can someone provide voltage of the lamp and any text written on the bulb as I'm still awaiting my light. Here is the link to the light bulb company. http://www.walamp.com/lpd/lamptype/index.t...406862391509683 Best regards Anders Nygren www.vattenbilder.com
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