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  1. Finally a strobe that takes 18650! When will the classic strobe manufacturers follow suit? I am curious about the performance of this one though. How is the power and spread? It claims 120 degrees. Cheers O
  2. A friend used Sigma 15mm FE (for canon) + Metobones adapter for Nauticam-a7III. setup. This seems like a good set up for a compact system where FE is the priority. Any more feedback on how this works? (I'm not sure what port-dome option he used? Cheers /O
  3. Hi all! Thanks for the help, we got email contact an a replacement pcb is on its way. What is also great is that when I had washed away the salt water and the brown ooze that the battery leaked and after that baked the pcb in the oven at 45 degrees for an hour, it came back alive! That’s a good design! :-) cheers o
  4. Hi i drowned my V3 and need to get the V4 uppgradera. However i don’t get contact with Miso over website. If anyone of you have other contact information o would be very grateful if you could PM me! Cheers O
  5. So Tobbe, a few years down the line. Do you continue with the Sigma 15mm or did you go Canon 8-15 like the majority seem to do? Cheers /O
  6. I'm interested in buying a Sony A7x camera with Nauticam housing. Any version of the camera might be of interest (E.g. i,ii,iii & R) Preferably in Europe. Ports are not a requirement although might be of interest Cheers
  7. It would be really interesting to hear on expericnce on this combo. I like to (and do) shoot a lot of fisheye and CWFA today. The combo Sony 7II (or later) with Canon 8-15 would be interesting if decently compact and handling is great. Cheers /O
  8. Thanks, I am considering upgrading my Olympus EM5 Mk1 setup and main reason is low light performance. The main issue putting off upgrade for the moment is that current usage frequency is not supporting the investment yet. I hope frequency and thus incentive will increase with inverse proportionality to offspring age:-) My secret whish is to be able to stay MFT, hoping for a disruptive increase in sensor sensitivity. Cheers /O
  9. Yes that's an interesting question. Is there a tested fish eye alternative if the luxury of FE-zoom is not really needed? Cheers /O
  10. Straying slightly, the Olympus iteration and differentiation is not great. I am considering the upgrade path from my EM5I, it would be great to stay in the system and only change camera and house, but I would have needed a bigger increment of sensor low light performance to tip the scale for me. (or I am just holding on and saving up for a future system change to Sony FF)
  11. That's nice idea switchblade. The horizontal bar must be customized though. The newer Nauticam housings have a customized stainless steel tab to connect top of the housing with the handle top. I have been thinking about making something like that, but the housing lacks potential fixing point for it
  12. I missed the obvious reply to use something completely different than flexitray altogether. What do you propose that is still compact with this housing?
  13. Hi All, I have an Olympus E-M5 I in Nauticam's housing (NA-EM5) and with the Nauticam tray (flexitray) and dual handles. On top of the handles i have strobes with double 5" arms on booth sides. Now the problem, I have already broken of on pair of handles and got them replaced by Nauticam at no cost. The handles are too week at the tray fitting to take up the forces from the handles.Newer Nauticam houses have a stainless steel extension from the top of the handle that attaches to the housing itself. This takes up the side-forces on the handles much better. Have any of you made or found a ready-made solution for this? The NA-EM5 mark 1 housing does not have screw fittings on booth sides of the housing so i find it hard to improvise something. Cheers /O
  14. How about the olympus 12 f2 behind the nauticam 4.33" dome for CFWA? I happen to have that lens but have not used it UW yet
  15. You could trigger with a led flash whose only purpose is to trigger and uses own battery without any recharge time. Third party mini flashes are most often manual mode only, which is fine with me
  16. It was me who had the same problem. I ended up buying a used camera instead. The other camera became topside only. However since then I also lost the right hand thumb dial :-)
  17. Interesting, would you mind posting a picture of the rig?
  18. Do you have a pic how it looks with the mk 2 housing?
  19. Thanks, that is great! I was thinking about replacing the innards with something different. What is the switch for, different sensitivity levels? Cheers /Oskar
  20. I take it that there was no corrector a presented at dema?
  21. Right, Thanks. It could be worthwhile to check if they have the service manual. It seems to be scarce. That service kit an others are only the battery compartment and connector orings. I I'll risk not to change the knob seals for now
  22. Hi all! I need to know the threads on the other end, the Strobe-side. I need to make new plugs there to seal the storobes while they are used as optical slaves. Any Ideas, should also be metric then perhaps? Cheers Oskar
  23. How can this be done? Are they glued shut? The black front cover seems tight is it glued or possible to screw off? Cheers
  24. Yes I would not consider sending it in for service, it would be diy. Anyone here with instructions on how to best disassemble it by the way?
  25. Thanks, no worries. I have yet to test them. I'm considering the space to install a slave sensor inside. A bit tight
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