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  1. Let us know how it turns out with the G7. I was tempted to buy one. However, I think this is the reason (and solution) for that statement: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15634
  2. You guys who uses F10 and F30, how do you thing this new one will compare? It lacks aperture and shutter priority, but uses SD cards, which matches my other cameras and is therefore a better addition for me... I have not seen any reviews yet, but this is the announcement: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0701/07010402...inepixf40fd.asp
  3. Thanks! Mark, will you be making INON adapters for the Canon WP-DC11 (Powershot G7) and WP-DC6 (Powershot 710 IS) soon? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the report! The wide angle possibility might still be the dealbreaker for me, but it definitely grew a couple of notches! What about the shutter lag without flash, is that acceptable? One technical solution, could be to use the flash connector on top of the G7, and make a small fake flash with the only purpose to flash a LED for setting of the slave via a fibre optic cable. This would not have to be poverful and would not have any recycle time. This provided you can fit a connector on top of the G7 while it's in the house. Do you know what the lag is if you use the external flash connector?
  5. Any suggestions? Manual compacts sutable for diving seem very scarse! Finally, I've checked out the G7 and the cannon UW-hoouse in a photo-shop. The thumb-wheel on the back is not available through the UW house. However the function of increasing +/- exposure compensation and P/ Aperture and Time priority. is axessed by clicking the four buttons in the middle of the thumb-wheel. This is done by 1. selecting function, i.e. exposure compensation on the right 2. pressing and holding the print button on the left corner while 3. clicking on the left/right button on the mid right. (the closeup button, and the flash button) Still, It's a bugger Canon did not give it more wide angle!
  6. I have an offer to buy a used UW-105 inon lens with Ikelight fitting for IXUS 700. Is there an adapter that I can get to use the lens with the WP-DC9 canon house? If not, is it possible to modify another Canon adapter for Inon to fit the housing? Cheers O
  7. But, then if you have a compact with 35mm eqv focal lengt, wouldnt it get an even further narrowing tnan the 28mm that would make a difference when selecting camera?
  8. Does the WP-DC11 have acess to the dial on the back of the G7? It does not look like there is a knob that turns on the images I found on the net. cheers Oskar
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