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  1. I have got a couple of the above strobes that are missing the caps, can the be sourced somewhere still? Alternatively I could keep the cables but then I need the end cap to the other end of the cable. This is a narrower three pin female, what kind is that? Is it possible to get bulk head connectors for these to use in own projects? Cheers Oskar
  2. I have a couple that could need dome service, would you mind posting som pictures of the disassembled strobe? Cheers Oskar
  3. How do you change the orings for the knobs (there are two knobs)? I gues a full dissasemply is required? I will need to get new lids for the electric strobe connectors as i will use these as slaves. Any ideas how to get any lid that seals this? Can these still be ordered from Nikon and are they decent price? If not, i am considering sealing these semi permanent with a blob of silicone. Cheers /O
  4. I have a couple of strobes that have not been used for many years. What pre-emptive service could I do to increase the probability that they survive their first dive in a long time? The obvious is to replace the battery compartment O-rings, those are hard and flat. Anything else i should do? Cheers/O
  5. This is the substrobe 50, not the DS version, right? Cheers /O
  6. All, it seems like the strobe comparison has stopped working. Does anyone here have the raw data to export it to something like excel? It would be good to keep this info for the future. Cheers /O
  7. I should put a final remark on this thread. There was, as stated above, no problem at all to get replacement handles swiftly though the national dealership. Kudos to Nauticam and Scubasupply! The flexitray handles are quite thinly built, so I think you will have to expect flex using these. I don't really like that personally, but as the top bracket is not an option for the EM-5 housing, it is not so anoying that I would take any further action to DIY brackets or replace the handes. However, if a good bracket solution appears, I would be happy for a tip-off! Cheers/O
  8. I got the possibility to get som old UW gear as a kit. Some of the parts I do not want are two Aquatica 8 housings for Nikon 801 with one dome and one macro ports. I do not know the details of those ports. Are those ports re-useble today or have they changed system? Can they be used with other systems than the Aquatica system? Cheers /O
  9. Reviwing old thread. My ys-110 are the primary on camera flashes, the SB105 will be used remotely with remote trigger. Will the colour difference be noted? could I put a gel filter in the SB-105s instead? Are the SB-105 at all suitable as remote slaves? (with a additional slave-trigger) /O
  10. I would like to buy non-functional sea & sea strobes for parts and experiments, such as YS-110, ys-120 or ys-250. I might be interested in other brands too, pm me and check! Cheers/O
  11. Check the Aperture of Phil's photos they are probably taken with smaller aperture Cheers
  12. Review of the 28 f2. http://www.ephotozine.com/article/sony-fe-28mm-f-2-0-review-27629 Lets see a review of the FE adapter as well!
  13. A7II and A7R II would use same nauticam husing, right?
  14. Have you decided to go for it alreadyTobbe? Preorder? I have been eying it. I really like the specs and with that clip on fe lens it is feasible, although that combo gets very tall. So a dedicated FE would be better. I really want that camera for land use too. Anyway, this is the future!
  15. Phil, do you have an idea of what size of extension that might be needed?
  16. I'd appreciate some more directions on how to preceed with the return. However, if I would choose not to have an handle on right, but put a ball mount in the M10 fitting, what length of the ball mount is best? fore example this 62mm one, is it good height to clear the housing, or should i go for the even longer one? http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4746 For the immediate dives tomorrow, it will have to be single strobe :-( Cheers /O
  17. Thanks Ryan! I'll respond to your pm. But I think you might be right that this system is an early E-M5 setup. Was this a general recall, can I just contact closest dealer for a free replacement you mean? Cheers /O
  18. Ok, where do you get that bracket? On my housing there are holes for the right side for such a bracket, but not on the left side. Maybe newer housings have mountings on booth sides. So if you have a E-M5 housing, the general warning is for the left handle, you should aim to replace that with a third party handle of better spec! /O
  19. Well, no panic I got some creative opportunities with off camera strobe, but the hands were full :-) Are there up rated versions for this? Does Nauticam have some sort of replacement program? Or, are there any alternative handles that could it same tray?
  20. I've always thought the flextray handles seemed a bit too flexy and flimsy. Today's dive proved that true when the left broke of at the start of the dive. Forensics show there is only a tiny bit of metal were it broke of, the corrosion hints that it has been underway for a while too. So, suggestions on alternative handles that does not mean buying a whole new system would be appreciated :-) Cheers/O
  21. I just add that the plastic flash thingy comes off easily with the two hex screws using the housing toolkit. I used two red laser modules for the flash. The good thing is there's plenty of intensity, the drawback is that the alignment is critical so I had to align really carefully before gluing them in position. Cheers/O
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