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  1. Yes there is always an added value with convenience that it. is already fitted and guanteed to work in that housing. Does the Nauticam versions all have the same standard casing but varied hot shoe holder height?
  2. Great, only those two hex screws and it came of easily without too much violence? I think a product like this flash trigger must competitive priced, especially as a non TTL version really is simple. Also it does not have to be housing manufacturer specific. Maybe that put Nauticam off. A pity though, it would have been simple to provide with each new housing or as an add on. /O Cheers Oskar
  3. No worries Phil, My plan is to use my own DIY mini strobe. Just like you I use 1/64th and care little about TTL. How would the other nauticam flash triggers work in the OMD housing? The manual version should work straight off the shelf except for that the light needs to be aligned with the fibre ports. For myself I am guessing there are no caveats like excessive glue or sealing screws with this thingy Cheers
  4. The Nauticam OM-D E-M5 housing has a clever plastic thingy that makes sure that you don't install the camera in the housing without popping up the flash. I would like to put some custom stuff in the hot shoe and need to remove that piece of plastic. Do you see any issues with removing that part and put it back later should I like? It seems to be fasted with two small hex screws from the inside. The screws are fixed with loctite. I expect these to easily come of and not cause any other issues if I remove them and the plastic part. Am I right or am I missing something? Cheers /O
  5. I would not upgrade this time anyhow, but I do quite often push high ISO and very long shutter times so that's the reason of the interest. In saying that I disagree about wa lenses and IS, it does make a significant difference.
  6. What do you think about this new iteration? For me more is required before a full upgrade with new housing. However, how effective is the stabilization improvement for wide angle still-life? It should be effective, but I'm not sure if the dome and virtual image will trick the logics at least slightly and render the is at least not as effective as in air. What do you think? Cheers/O
  7. So the fisheye is now announced as in development, but no further dimension details yet. http://www.dpreview.com/articles/9412478684/olympus-8mm-f1-8-pro-fisheye-in-development
  8. The official sony Photos of the 28mm and fe adapter combo are released. I have no. experience of full format fish eye lenses, but to me this seems quite tall. That would probably make the fully housed combo with dome quite bulky, wouldn't it?
  9. On the 30s exposures issue. While uw it would be great to have an interval mode so to continuously take exposures so that you don't need to swim back to the camera each time, wouldn't it?
  10. Great work! I have also been musing on that corrective elements should be brought back into UW photography, รก la Nikonos, but a general afocal solution is great! I'm very interested in what the practical / theoretical limits of FOV could be. Also convex front elements of ultra widangles probably cause problems with fixing the lens. I suppose the internal and external corrective lens distance and co-axial pracements are very very important. Keep us posted, and I hope some manufacturers catch on! Cheers /O
  11. Interesting! Pls post some pictures as you go. Cheers /O
  12. There is another thread on the DSLR forum on using the 12mm in the 4.33" dome. There it was tested with a different set of diopters. Go have a look. I have the lens and got the diopter but is yet to take it underwater. The few dives i managed to do last year was with the 8mm FE, no time for a "junk dive" at all to test new equipment unfortunately :-)
  13. My hunch is that there are not many UW users of the Sony a7x systems so far. Isn't that right? Everybody are waiting for the right lenses... /O
  14. I've done this with youngnuo 462 before. No heat issues. I sacrificed all controls though. You can strip the plastic of the body too if you feel brave and get a separate battery holder. Beware of high tension. I'm also using 18650 type lithium batteries instead of AA
  15. Sony is going to produce a 28mm 2.0 with fishe eye adapter lens. I assume like the NEX 16mm variant. What do you think about this as an UW option for the a7 series? See whole news article here: http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-announces-the-new-fe-lenses/
  16. The new Olympus 7-14 2.8 seems to be imminent, however, what differences / advantages would you expect compared to the Panasonic equivalence that has been around for quite some time? Are the ports for the latter expected to fit the former? Then there is now also a rumored 8mm 1.8 fisheye for Olympus. This is only rumored, however it sounds quite extreme to me, i suppose it will become large, or at least larger than the Panasonic 8mm 3.5. So I assume that ports for an Olympus fisheye like that would not match the Panasonic. I quite happily use the Panasonic today, but would not mind some more light... Cheers /O
  17. A couple of quick comments. In tricky conditions I think manual mode strobes on low power is a good idea How wide do you need? I have the 8mm too. I find it great, if you are ok with 12mm, Olympus 12mm f2 prime fits under same dome, see the dslr forum. Optimal with a diopter. I have this lens but have not yet tried it uw
  18. I think the new a7mk2 is a great prospect for uw use with the IBIS. If just the lens selection would get sorted. A modern bright fisheye please!
  19. Do you know if it was flashing an error before going blanc? My E-M5 developed a problem where it went blank randomly and suddenly after shots. Then I realized it was flashing an orange "IS1" in the corner just before, so that was some kind of intermittent IS problem unfortunately /O
  20. I join the choir. Just use raw! By all means, you can still throw in a few reference shots on your hand, a slat the sand or something neutral. This can be handy when you are adjusting the CB later. /O
  21. That would be interesting, I think many have one or the other only. I have Panasonic, E-M5 and Nauticam housing and dome. I like to have the option of auto focus. That said, most of the time I have had this lens (soon a yr) I have actually locked the focus as the low-light levels makes the AF hunt anyway. In that respect, maybe the Samyang would work ok, however I think one would need a focus gear, because the focus needs to be set underwater and I think it is going to need to be very precisely set. Is there any obstacles for producing a 3D printed gear for that manual lens? /O
  22. Coming back to the original question, I know a veteran marine biology guy here in Sweden who has done hours of solo diving with two separate hasselblad film rigs. He has a little bouy cliped to himself with some loops on the line. Then he hangs up the not used camera and it stays above and behind out of the way. See below http://www.lennmark.se/Kameror/Main_se.htm#
  23. Cool Project. I think you need to work with the dome port. You need to align it to the lens nodal point like with other lenses, but the lens is much wider in the horizontal than the vertical, so the dome must cater for that. I assume you should try to handle the widest as well as possible
  24. There are several I think. search other subforums of wetpixel though: such as: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41519 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13875 Cheers/O
  25. Very interesting project, how did the UW barndoors evolve futher? Did you sort out the practical issues? Cheers/O
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