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  1. Interesting, but IMHO it would have needed the same rating as the Nikonos to matter really, i.e. 60m. Then there's some margin for sports diving depth and a clear delclaration of the dive-proofness from Nikon. But who knows, maybe it's around the corner. Then we just need a 15mm equiv fish eye with dome or water adapted optics... /O
  2. A follow up on my investigation about my Sea & sea DX-1G wide angle lens would work with a RX100II nauticam housing. So Interceptor121, what how much shuld the lens protrude after the thread ends? My Lens has a S&S proprietary bayonet mount, but this can be unscrewed from the lens, and I have a 67-52 step up ring that could be fitted instead on the original mount. As the RX100II now have a hot shoe, my biggest concern with the predecessor, this camera is now back on the radar. If I can reuse my WA-lens it would also help the budget ;-)
  3. Is it correct to say that this is not significant improvement from a UW-perspective with respect to the E-M5 (Which i am about to buy into)? /O
  4. This request became relevant again! /O
  5. I'm trying to light a large WA scene on a wreck fairly evenly. There is no ambient light, so I figure that a paint technique like commonly done in dry caving could work. I.e the shutter is opened in B or very long time, and then a diver swims around and lights different parts of the scene. Any experience and tips and tricks for doing this? To me it seems to be tricky to get the amount of light right. Maybe using a manually fired strobe is an option, and first one make a test shot to see that the exposure of that strobe is right. Depending on the subject-camera distance one could fire multiple times at the same subject. Thought on this? Cheers Oskar
  6. Great news! I use them in manual today too, so that would be the prefered solution in the future
  7. Speaking of optical triggering. Does anyone if my old YS110 (non-alpha) would work with the EM5? These have an early TTL / pre-flash cancellation circuit that has been known to cause problems with some cameras. However, if i can reuse these on the housing the upgrade equation becomes much nicer
  8. And the RX100MK2 is out now, looks really nice, but with high price: $750 (see dpreview.com) /O
  9. With the next generation RX100 this maight be solved differently, a hot shoe! http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/the-rx1r-and-rx100mii-roundup-full-japanese-rx100mii-manual-for-download/
  10. That is a very good question. Perhaps the E-M5 is too close in specifications and price for the housing manufacturers to bother? I.e. with housing costs the difference in price it too small? Cheers /O
  11. This topic should go under "consumer cameras", where I discussed the same thing previously. I did not end up upgrading so I do not know for sure, but my plan was to reuse that WA lens. The plastic bayonet mount on the lens unscrews with six small screws and I got a step-up ring with 67mm outer threads that i planned to drill and screw to the lens. Don't remember inner thread diameter though. Cheers /O
  12. Interesting, is this the general consent that the UWA gives better quality with the Nauticam dome than the fish eye converter? Or this caused by variations in the quality of actual items in the combinations? At what stop if stopped down are the UWA/fish eye acceptable (if any)? Cheers /O
  13. Thanks for the mini-review Huw, Nice pics from Guadalcanal! For comparison, are some of your galleries taken with the UWA + 16mm converter? I suppose you haven't used the fishe eye converter much because of the video, right? It is better on sharpness than the UWA converter, isn't it? Cheers Oskar
  14. Ok, thai is what the "BigEye" is I believe. Didn't inon produce bayonet adapters that were fixed in the tripod screw of the housing? Cheers /O
  15. oskar

    WTB - NEX5 setup

    Ad is still relevant. Please pm me directly with offers. Housing for any of the NEX5-series cameras are of interest. However, I'm also interested in camera body, WA-port and 16mm lens (and both WA and fish eye add-on lenses). Sorry Meike housings are not attractive to me as the ports are not interchangeable. Cheers /O
  16. The port (Nauticam) for this leans is readily available now. Any more neutral early adopters out there that has some first impressions on using this WA lens? Cheers /O
  17. A friend of mine has the Canon G11 with the proprietary housing. This housing does not have a threaded port or any other mount for wet WA lenses. I have boosted about how much a good WA lens would do, hower with this housing what are his options? With an adapter there should be a selection of fish eye and rectilinears avaiable? How about the "BigEye Lens G Series", he got an offer to buy a scratched one, but these does not seem to be that wide. Cheers /O
  18. oskar

    WTB - NEX5 setup

    Nothing bought yet, ad still relevant. Cheers /O
  19. Housing for any of the NEX5-series cameras are of interest. However, I'm also interested in camera body, WA-port and 16mm lens (and both WA and fish eye add-on lenses). Rgds /O
  20. Interesting, how is your price breakdown on these two alternatives? If there was more low-cost alternative to the Zen glass domes for Olympus, that e-pl5 setup could be a real bargain, or am i missing something? /O
  21. Interesting concept, it seems like this community is too small for all interesting questions. Seems to be all OM-D and D800 here. However, did you check with Nauticam directly they should have tested if it is at all possible. /O
  22. Any experices of the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm since this thread started? It seems that it should be possible to put this behind a dome, or would it be impractical with the manual focus? It has a minimum focus distance of 28cm which would indicate it could work behind a large dome, right? Rgds
  23. Thi request is still actual despite above comments.
  24. Any make of housing is of interest. Ports and accessories are wanted too. Camera not required but wide angle/fish eye lens could be of interest. rgds
  25. Interesting yes. But the track reckord is no housings for Samsung, right?
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