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  1. So I went to Hong Kong, traded my X-T20 for an X-T2 and bought the Meikon housing with the dome port. Took it for a first dive without the camera and a second one with the camera and an archon video light and got some good results. I went back underwater yesterday and went down to about 30m to find out the lever for the shutter release was somehow out of alignment and unable to shoot anything. Rechecked everything during the surface interval, went back under and everything seemed to work fine until I reached about 13m and then the shutter release wouldnt work anymore. I am in contact with the guy I met in the store and we are trying to find the source of the issue and fix it. He said it is new to them but had this issue yesterday on another housing but were able to align everything properly and it worked on their second dive. Anyone had this problem before??
  2. Being in the aviation industry and having been through Dangerous Goods training recently, I would add make sure to remove/disconnect/isolate batteries/power sources from dive torches and video lights especially as they are considered as fire hazards since they can get quite hot.
  3. Hi guys, looking at purchasing a Meikon underwater housing for my Fuji X-T20. Has anyone here had any experience with their products? Would love to hear your opinions. Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi guys, Im new here. Originally from Canada but living in Maldives at the moment. I usually go diving almost every week and am using a Canon powershot SX710HS with an Ikelite housing at the moment. I also own a Fuji X-t20 and am looking at buying a Meikon housing for it. Does anyone here have any experience with their housings? Thanks
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