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  1. Hi, I use the Fisheye Domeport with the extension ring 40 and it works perfect. Jens
  2. You use the Nikkor 105 VR like your old one. Standard Flat Port and extension ring 40. Jens
  3. I don´t know which sea&sea zoom gear works with the tokina lense. My zoom gear is special made by uk-germany. Uwe from uk-germany makes it possible. ;-)
  4. Hi, I have the same combination but I use the Tokina 12-24 and I had the same problems with the fisheye dome port. The problem is, that the lense is to near to the dome. Thereby it gets blur. I tried to use the fisheye dome with the extension ring 40 and now I´m satisfied with the results. Jens
  5. Can you please poste some photos of your diopter on your s&s port? Is it also possible with the macro ports? Jens
  6. I also send an email to Sea&Sea and asked them about an 45° viewfinder. I got no answer. :-( Perhaps if many people write them they will think about this. What do you think about the new optional viewfinder 0.8x? Is it profitable for macro? Jens
  7. Hi Rachid! Thank you. Hope to finde here more questions about Sea&Sea Problems. In german forums Sea&Sea is not so represented. Jens
  8. Hi, I`m reading in this forum a longer time and now I want to contribute here. I also use the Tokina 12-24 in my Sea&Sea DX-D200 housing. The zoom gear is special made because Sea&Sea has no. First I tried to use the lense only with my fisheye domeport. But the quality was not so good. So I put my extension ring 40 together with the fisheye domeport and now it´s ok. Has anyone the same problem? Jens
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