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  1. Thank you for brining this up. I think some try to slide under the radar. And for some it is ignorance to the existence of the need. This is true across the board with photography. It can be extremely frustrating to tell a client you cant shoot at a park because of the cost of a permit requirement (or lack of time to procure one) only to find that they found a different photographer very willing to shoot without one.


    Life is much more fun when we all play with the same rules!

  2. I photograph UW kids, families, brides and fashion March through October - I only get to photograph marine critters on vacation a couple times a year. But my feed is here - and my UW specific hashtag is #charlotteunderwaterphotography



  3. I accidentally left a 2lb weight in my Ewa marine bag. That earned me a hand check at security and I had to open up the bag for a full screening. 😆. But no issues at all on my return trip. I carried on a legal overhead bin size roll aboard specifically for my UW gear and it worked out great.


    I also kept a small tote bag in the roll aboard. My plan was if they made me gate check it for my short flight on the smaller commuter plane I would put the most delicate items (specifically my housing and batteries) in the tote to be able to carry that on.

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