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  1. Whahaha... Tim. So you can see & experience it for yourself... Ed.
  2. Thanks fellas... Steve, found it at Sangeang... Sasdasdaf - You'll like it. They have some fantastic dive sites there. Ed.
  3. The Macros... The rest of the shots can be found here: Komodo October 2011 Ed.
  4. Hi buddies, It has been quite a while since my last posting here, so I decided to share some of the shots from my recent trip to Komodo. However, it was just a short trip for me since I did not follow the full schedule, which is supposed to be 11 nights. I was only there for 4D/3N on board the MSY Ombak Biru. We started the trip with the macro sites so no mantas for me, cos by the time they were heading to Manta Alley, I was already off the boat... Anyway, I had a great time and hope to do a longer trip out, the next time... Ed.
  5. Those batfishes are residents, hanging around the SWV's dock. Well... As for those gypsies, I'm not too sure. Ed.
  6. Hi Steve, Thanks a lot for the kind words. They were taken with F6.3 & 1/160 settings. Ed.
  7. The "Famous" Denise & Dragonet... That's all folks. ^^ Ed.
  8. The Sharks & The Barracudas... Ed.
  9. Hi buddies, Here are some of the shots from my recent trip to Mabul, also managed to dive Kapalai & the infamous Sipadan Island. It was an awesome trip with a bunch of my young apprentices. Anyway, Happy Viewing... ^^ Ed.
  10. The Rays... The rest of the photos can be found in my Flickr: Maldives Dec 2010 Ed.
  11. Hi buddies, Firstly, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to y'all. It was a great 2010 & I would like to wish everyone a fantastic 2011. Anyway, here are some of the shots I took, during my back to back trips in Maldives (11-25th Dec 2010). The diving was awesome & the accompany was fantastic... ^^ We saw almost everything that we wanted to see, except for the hammerheads. Well... That's the way nature is & being able to see so many things is already a blessing. It's a great blessing from God, to end the diving year for 2010. Anyway, Happy Viewing... ^^ Ed.
  12. The Playful Mantas... That's all, buddies... All constructive C&C are welcome. Thanks! Ed.
  13. Here are some of the shots from my recent short trip to Komodo Island and was on board the MV Blue Dragon. Did a total of 5 dives only, but saw & played with lots of Mantas... It was an awesome trip, though it was kinda short. Anyway, Happy Viewing... ^^ Ed.
  14. Playing with Lights... ^^ That's all, folks... Thanks for viewing! Ed.
  15. Hi everyone, Here are some of the shots from my recent dive trip to Anilao, 17-21st November 2010. As usual, the diving was awesome and the company was great. The most important thing is still, I was Underwater... WoooHooo... All constructive C&C are welcome. Happy Viewing... ^^ Ed.
  16. Thanks everyone... ^^ Kenneth - The current was ripping on some of the sites and you can clearly see it on the last picture. All the feather stars were leaning sideways. Ed.
  17. The Colorful Reefs... That's all, folks. Thanks! ^^ Ed.
  18. The Dolphine & The Mantas... However, the dolphin was hunting and way to fast for me to get a closer shot. Ed.
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