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  1. very interesting ... but what about blackscatters with ring flash ???
  2. it is still available ? I would be interested in tkx
  3. Do You use the same battery of the 20 on the 1000? what about the burning time ? I have a Dx20 and I would upgrade to a 1000 ... is it possible just changing the bulb ? thanks vito
  4. Hi, I am from Italy, and I have already spent a short vacation in Malta, lately. I would come back there in January .. would U suggest me some diving center or some hot spots (I do UW-photography) ... Any Maltese diver here ? Thanks. vito
  5. I have the same, 1950, and I would upgrade to have long last
  6. I would buy this 2500mAh Lithium battery for my fixlight I am in Italy, and I woulc pay wt Paypall thanks vito msn/email: v20167@hotmail.it
  7. molto utile ed interessante !!! anyway, I will try to use a good mirror as second strobe. I am doing some attempts on land, and the results are good enought...I will see underwater what happens with water light absorbtion and blackscatters
  8. As per title, I would buy a Inon DII grip arm + 1 clamp, used but in good conditions. I live in Italy, and I would pay with paypall. thanks vito v20167@hotmail.it
  9. thanks all for yr replies.... I would fix the mirror, or a white plastic surface, on the arm at the opposite to the single strobe (I cannot take the mirror in my hand, since with the right hand I shoot, and wt the left I take the housing) I know there is a lost of light into the water, but normally I shot in macro or supermacro while rarely in wide, and I hope this cheap set would be enough to reduce the shadows .... anyway, I will first try in my room, dry, then underwater..... and I will post the results Per Frisco: di dove sei ??? io bari, ... frequenti altri forum di fotosub ? magari italiani ? io quasi tutti, specie poverosub.... ti lascio il mio msn: v20167@hotmail.it ciao Vito
  10. Ciao all Having a single strobe, I am thinking to put a mirror on the opposite side, in order to reflect the light from the strobe.... Some1 has tried this solution ? what do U think about it ? ....could be a cheap and easy way Thanks vito
  11. strobe stil available ??? do u sell separatelly ? price for each? I am in Italy, and interested in 1 of them... v20167@hotmail.it
  12. I am in Italy, and I would need a second strobe...used but in good conditions. My budget is 250€ my email: v20167@hotmail.it
  13. so???? what about the UWL 100 W.A. ????
  14. U did'nt reply me, I am still interested in Inon 105AD wide angle lens thanks
  15. I've bought it. pls would U close this post thanks
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