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  1. Hello! I'm very interested in this. The timing might not work, but it could be interesting to create a group or something to organize chartered trips. I really like the idea!
  2. Hello JB, how has your experience with the tokina been so far?
  3. Thanks for the examples, they look very crisp and amazing! Seems like q very solid lens!
  4. Hello! I'm interested in the 8-18" yes. If you have a reefscape, large animal example and another photo where you think color are easy to see I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks again!
  5. Yes, If you can pick some at high res it would be amazing and highly appreciated. For me it's hard when looking at your website to know which lens you used, unless I'm missing something obvious. Thank you!
  6. I would recommend m43. Sony apsc has far worse lens options outside of the wwl-1 combo. Sony apsc has no native macro lens, a non optimal fisheye and only one rectilinear zoom option. And m43 has various kit lenses with a pro solution for the same zoom range. Macro: The 90 and 50mm are designed for full frame. They mount natively to the a6400, but the focus is slow and the size of the lens is disproportionate to the camera. Plus you'll have to buy a n85 to n120 adapter. On m43 you have 30mm, 45mm and 60mm and they all mount natively on n85. On fisheye Sony doesn't have a native fisheye solution so you'll have to use the pancake addon which is significantly less sharp. You do have the Sony 10-18 f4 as a native rectilinear lens. M43 has about 3 options, all of which have the same f or lower. You can have a larger sensor, but lens options (and their practicality/focus speed) is way more important IMO. You add better battery, generally cheaper lens/port, higher sync speed and I think m43 is better. I have a Sony a6000, and the lens choice is driving me to m43. Your photo starts with the lens first and sensor after. Hope it helps, as you can see I had some experience...
  7. Hello, following this closely, as I already have the 7" acrylic dome. Does anybody have an album of still photos they can share to see the image quality? Thanks,
  8. This item has been sold, Thank you for the interest. Rgds,
  9. Hello! Recently (too recently) I bought a used Nauticam housing for my Sony a6000 and have for sale the Seafrogs Salted Line A6xxx housing that I bought for christmas... I used it on exactly 8 dives and got very good results (photo in link). I changed because I got a good deal on the used Nauticam. I bought the flat port (with 67mm thread) and 6" acrylic dome, but didn't even get to use them, so they've never been wet. This housing works for the Sony A6000/6300/6400/6500; it's the best low cost poly carbonate option to use for these cameras. Full disclaimer: only the left button on the menu can sometimes be off and you have to hit the off button hard for it to work. In my experience nothing that will make you miss a shot underwater. Here are prices and what I'd like for the items: Housing (new 307.00) - 165 6" Dome Port (new 215) - 125 67mm threaded flat port for 16-50mm kit lens (new 110) - 50 If you take it all I can give it for 275, or about a 55% discount on new. Will be back in the US next week so it would be shipping next week. Buyer pays shipping and paypal. If it interests you PM me or email me at xberges@gmail.com photos of actual items and housing in use (one ys-01 strobe and 16-50mm kit lens on all photos): https://adobe.ly/2IzQPFW Cheers!
  10. Hello! For sale is a Subsee +10 diopter in excellent condition. I'm selling it because I recently moved to Nauticam and am getting the CMC-1. In this link you can find photos of the actual item, and photos taken with the item. Shot with a sony a6000 and 16-50mm lens. You can get very crisp shots with this! Link to photos: https://adobe.ly/2IwyMk2 Will be back in the US next week so item would be shipped from next week Looking for USD 135, buyer pays shipping and pay pal fees. PM me or email me at xberges@gmail.com
  11. Hello! Looking to buy the Hard Cap from Nauticam for the WWL-1 used. If anybody has one around I'd much appreciate. Thanks!
  12. Yess! Thats him, he's pretty nice and would always strike a pose with the Mantas, which is one of my favorite shots. I like to call it, "Life Imitating Art"
  13. Hello! I'm from Dominican Republic and when I was modifying my porfile I couldn't find the flag of the country. Is it possible to add? Thanks!!
  14. Hello! My ig is https://www.instagram.com/xberges/ I mainly shoot in Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and when I get to travel abroad... I really like it for looking at gear, exchanging ideas and general inspiration. I prefer to look at uw photos than selfies...
  15. Hello! For sale is a like new Sea Dragon Flash. It is in pristine condition and works perfectly. It includes the case, diffuser, a fiber optic cable and a one sided tray (no arms). You can look for my instagram @xberges where all photos that are up that have been with a flash were with this one. If you need more photos or information please let me know. It's shipping out of Boston and I'm looking for 195 and buyer pays shipping and paypal. You can email me at xberges@gmail.com or let me know through this thread, email is faster. Thanks! The easiest way to show photos was to create a google photos shared folder, here is link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EPKeuYcwuzpxPkK96
  16. Thanks a lot! Do you have a link to images so I can see? As well would be be willing to send a high quality sample raw or JPEG to have a feel for the quality of the UW images? Rgds,
  17. Hello! Would you be willing to sell parts? Specifically the flash?
  18. Hello! Was this paid or is it still available?
  19. Hello! So I'm diving into a Sony a6500 with Fantasea housing. I'm starting out with the kit 16-50 lens with the respective port and gears. I'm evaluating getting a macro setup fairly quickly and looking at the available lenses for macro there's the kit 16-50 with 12.5 diopter, Sony Macro 50mm and the Sony Macro 90mm, you could use the diopter for the last two. So I would like to see if anybody can help me with sample photos or videos of a comparison of the 16-50mm and 50mm with and without the diopter. The 90mm is out of the question right now as it's a pretty expensive set up, from lens, converter, port etc... With this I'm trying to answer two fundamental questions: (1) is it worth getting the 50mm macro lens (I'd imagine it's much sharper image) vis a vis the kit lens with diopter, and (2) what level of supermacro can I get from the 50mm macro lens with the diopter. For wide there are two immediate choices: 16mm w\ fisheye converter and the 10-16mm wide lens. The fisheye option is cheaper, but I fear it suffers from less sharpness and I'm particularly choosy between fisheye and plain wide. I would think you get better results with the 10-16mm as its a more specialized lens and you don't have the fisheye converter distortion. I've found online articles that treat both subjects, but they left me with questions. For Macro: how does the kit lens compare to 50mm macro (as both have same focal length) and how they perform with diopter. For wide I haven't seen anything on the 10-16mm lens, just of the Tokina\Canon lenses, which are expensive to set up. The opportunity cost (ie dont get any lens) is to just buy the Wide Angle and Diopter external add ons, so it's a question of quality and how much you gain by getting the dedicated lens (which obviously looses on flexibility when shooting). If someone sees something incoherent in the post or would like to reframe their response to help with feedback it's much appreciated. I'd think I'd see more a6500/a6300 users given the relative low cost\high quality you seem to get vis a vis other mirrorless of similar quality (em1 mk2 and GH5) or dSLR equivalents (d500), albeit these edge out in other areas. Basically the a6500 costs about half of these other options right now. Cheers!
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