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  1. A recent trip to the Maldives had me wondering the same thing - in the end I just shipped the pelican case and housing as is and it was fine - or good luck! I was covered by my business insurance though (for camera kit and shooting etc), Lucky I did have insurance as I made a REALLY stupid mistake - in the hurry to get everything packed, I left the camera plate and XLR connector in the housing - the XLR connector (nice heavy metal plug) was loose and in transit, hit the inside of the lens (80 degree) many times, resulting in a load of scratches, thereby writing the lens off!!!!! There may be some chance it can be professionally polished out but I'm really looking at a new and expensive lens - or rather an insurance claim.
  2. An acid such as plain old vinegar will dissolve calium carbonate - did you try soaking in vinegar? or maybe it's a different form of calcium or has actually bonded with the glass
  3. I've found the same too so far - double press of zoom is quite difficult to get right. Focus seems to be OK at the closer end and then moves very quickly at the further distances.
  4. Nick - do you think the buttons on the handles are a bit too stiff? Seems to me with my (very limited) experience of the housing, that they could be a lot softer which would reduce the shake when using???
  5. Thanks for the replies guys - hopefully will help others too eventually I dived in the pool yesterday with the 80 (although only for 10 minutes) - was the wow of the other divers! They all wanted a play Nick - I do have the Z1, so was relating my zoom through numbers to the zoom percentage - shame the camera doesn't have a 'shuttle shot' function that allows a max zoom level to be set - mind you, this only appears on my high end lenses that cost £10,000 or more!!! TBH, I don't zoom very much during a take when filming professionally above water - maybe my techniques will be similar u/w? Difficult to know yet as I'm very early on in getting used to the camera/housing (filming HD is also new as my others cameras are all SD. HD is a very different beast). Shawn - I printed out your list of balast examples but forgot to take it yesterday - will try today! I found in the fresh water pool that the 80 with two weights and battery pods (full) was too negative - so this will be less so in salt water of course - have you pool dived with that combo? I presume your examples were salt water based? Thanks, Paul.
  6. The fantastically helpful guys at Fish Eye Productions (FEP - UK) have very kindly lent me a standard 80 deg lens to try out with my new Bluefin. I already have the UWA lens but wanted to see if I should get the 80 as well. I've just fitted it and will be diving in a pool with it today and tomorrow but had some initial questions: I was surprised that without macro flip, this lens still doesn't allow full zoom through - only going to around 75%, the same as the UWA - is this what you find too? With the flat port macro flip down, I do get 100% zoom through - although not checked the quality of the recorded images yet under water. Anyone use the standard macro with the 80 - what are the results and do you see much distortion etc (I guess there's a reason there's a specific 80 deg macro)? I don't have the new macro flip for the 80 to try - is it worth it? My concern with the 80 is that on zooming, you have to be very careful not to exceed the 75% zoom otherwise this would potentially ruin the shot as it goes out of focus. Anyone find that a problem or use the macro flip for this reason? The lens I'm borrowing is second hand and has a slight film like patchy coating on the outer glass surface. I tried removing it with Isopropol Alchohol but it didn't budge. Is this common with lenses - maybe it hasn't been kept clean - or is it something else? Will this affect the images? Thanks, Paul.
  7. Hi, I've just bought a L&M Bluefin HD for my Z1U. However, I've not dived with it yet (although used it in a hot tub!) - nor have I ever used and underwater camera housing! I am a pro cameraman though, so know a thing or two about cameras! I can't really list pros and cons definatively yet but what I would say is this unit is of exceptionally high build quality and the images so far are really good. I also bought the ultra wide (weitwinkel) Angle lens which is a monster and gives an incredible wide angle view - bit disapointed with zoom through though as it only goes to 75% but the great wide angle will make up for that - especially if I decide to buy the 80 deg lens too. Don't know if that helps - but I'm sire others will chip in too. Paul.
  8. I was wondering this too - although I'm in the UK. I did see companies selling foam in the shape of custom surf boards!!! (a little on the large side!) - wonder if that's the right stuff too? Maybe I could get a small offcut etc? Paul. Alberto - how would you go about making a collar? 'tubes' of foam on an elasticated rope maybe??? Or something cut specifically like a donut shape?
  9. I was trying out the housing and balance in the hot tub again yesterday (still not got to the pool or dived with it yet)) and after 15 mins or so, noticed a largish patch of condensation right in the centre of the lens (on the camera's lens I think). I'm guessing this was due to the temperature in the hot tub and the cooler glass in the camera's lens causing the problem. Has anyone had this problem when actually diving? I noticed some other cheaper manufacturers of housings have silica gel to put inside the housing. Anyone do this with the more robust/expensive housings? Paul.
  10. Excellent - many thanks for taking the time to reply in such a detailed manner I do have the tripod mount coming but it's not here yet and is apparently of a different design to yours I believe. I guess the foam also acts as extra protection as well Would be nice to have some kind of extra large battery pod that acts as a bouyancy device too. I have asked my supplier (FEP - the UK distributor and service agent) if they can also ask L&M if they do smaller weights for the track system - seems like an obvious 'extra' product to help with fine balancing. You gave me details of the balancing with the 80 - can you do the same for the UWA? - or do you always dive with this in just one configuration as above? Maybe I should also buy the 80!!!! More cost... Oh, one other question while I think about it - what kind of shots/work can you realisticaly achieve with just the flat port - is is only macro stuff? What do you see when you zoom in/out etc? Oh, and did you buy the macro flip for the 80 as well - I believe the standard one doesn't work with it? I'm sure I'll have more questions later Cheers, Paul.
  11. Well, this is only my thrid post or so here - so I better introduce myself: I'm a professional cameraman (dry land!) and run a video production company in the UK. I've done a fair bit of diving in the past but not dived for a while and never been into u/w video before. I'm planning a 'once in a lifetime' trip in August to the Maldives and thought it'd be a great opportunity to get into u/w video + I'm a real gadget freak and LOVE sexy new kit! So I bought a new Sony Z1U (for work too) and after reading posts and reviews here and elsewhere, have just received the L&M Bluefin FX1 housing (pro travel pack) and 100 UWA lens. I've not dived with it yet but planning to in a couple of weeks. I have tried it out in the hot tub though!!!! (Is that really sad?) I've got a few questions that I'd like some advice on for anyone who's got this kit: I wasn’t able to achieve neutral or positive buoyancy with the UWA on – even with the lights removed, no ballast, battery packs removed (and also tried battery packs with no batteries to give a little more buoyancy). Best I could achieve was still fairly negatively buoyant. Although I’ve not actually dived with it properly (with SCUBA), I could imagine it’ll be quite difficult to manage??? The UWA lens is extremely ‘lens down’ in the water – I’ve not tried weights in the back of the housing yet but with the problems above, this would add to the difficulties of use I’d imagine? Zoom through was pretty disappointing, focusing at up to around 75% or so. I had read that this was meant to be 100% zoom through, but having read the latest specs, this wasn’t the case – real shame. Wide angle was quite impressive though. A number of people have used an ‘Expodisk’ for great and easy u/w white balance (I've read the posts here) – by mounting on the colour correction filter arm (and using a CC filter on the camera). Apparently L&M were looking into this as a manufacturers option. Anyone know if they made any progress? Did anyone manage to fit one on the CC arm with the UWA fitted? Re the buoyancy issue – this could be a problem for me as I was thinking of using the UWA lens for the majority of the time. Any ideas how the 80 deg lens compares? I’m wondering if I should have gone with the 80 instead and send back the UWA????????? Importantly, how well can you trim the housing with the 80deg fitted (with/without lights)? What’s really needed is extra buoyancy tubes that mount on the bottom of the housing maybe – guess they might have to be at least double the size of the battery pods though? Any thoughts/help/solutions most welcome Many thanks, Paul.
  12. Thanks Shawn, I'm just about to post a new topic on the UWA asking for help and advice - I'd appreciate your thoughts too if you wouldn't mind?
  13. Hi Shawn, Did you post any more video? I've just got the FX1 and UWA but not dived with it yet - not sure if I made the right decision re the UWA or whether I should have gone with the 80deg? Cheers, Paul.
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