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  1. FS: Ikelite Nikon D800 Housing - model 6812.8 - $750 USD Shipped within continental USA, international will have to pay lowest rate. Bought from a friend who went to sony, I ended up getting a Z7 and don't want to carry a separate set of everything. Low price reflects passing on good karma for price i got it for. Does not include domes, includes many accessories. Please let me know if you have any questions. Nick
  2. I always get stopped for camera gear. Here's my biggest tips: 1) Have covers over your batteries! I've started carrying some gaffers tape for them. 2) If they do ask you to check your carry on, explain there is camera gear and batteries in there. Usually they will find you a small enough space if you are following #3. 3) Always use a backpack for the primary amount of gear. I've never been asked to weight my backpack. Messenger bags are a good second alternative. Anything rolling or hard sided gets weighed first. 4) Carry a collapsable duffle bag. This will let you spread the weight if you have to. 5) Check whatever gear you can safely. This is usually the metal stuff. 6) Be Nice! Rules only have to be enforced when necessary and most staff really don't want to have to enforce them.
  3. I like my sony enough to sell my D800 and housing (once I get to 3 posts...)
  4. Just started back SCUBA again. Using a RX100 iii for now as I'm selling some gear to get a housing for my Z7.
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