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  1. My favorite is Johnson's Baby Shampoo.. been using it for years... never fails. Most of my diving is in warm water!
  2. Steve, is it also close to whaleshark areas? I would really, really like to see one!
  3. I think you need to avoid going during Monsoon season which (I think) is June to August or September... Its not horrible but it will rain... I will be there this week in Hilton Rangali (won the award for best hotel in the world!) B) If I manage to dive, I will take some pics and post them...
  4. Hey... thanks for the replies... Ok, one more question... I dive mainly in two places... in the UAE and in the Red Sea... In the UAE (where I dive most), the viz leens more towards the crappy side most of the time, while the red sea is deep blue incredible Viz. If You had a choice which Lens would you use? the 10-20 or 18-70?
  5. This is what I have except mine is 100GB... goes for around $270 This is a sort of external Hard Drive where you can plug in ANY Photo card into it (takes the CF card, MMC,SD etc etc) press 1 button and it copies all the contents to the hard drive! Best invention after toast bread... Most important... NO PC is required!!! Merlin Digital Storage
  6. I have many favourite pics... but this by far was the most exciting to shoot!
  7. Hi Guys and Gals.... Newbie here... I have a question about Ikelite ports for my Nikon D70s I have 2 lenses, the Nikkor 18-70 and the Sigma 10-20 It is possible to use 1 6" lense port to accomodate both lenses? The lense port for the 18-70 is the Ikelite 5503.55 The lense port for the 10-20 is the Ikelite 5503.51 Can one of the above lense ports accomodate both? They are both 6" domes. Appreciate the help... Thanks... Anwar
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