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  1. Ups, bad hit ratio. Thanks a lot for enlightenment, will spread the word. Beo
  2. Hi, shot this little "flower" in Papua / Port Moresby area. Guess it`s a worm, any more information, Leslie? Cheers, Beo papua worm
  3. Hi guys, enjoy a short video about 2011 Sardine Run action in Port St. Johns Cheers, Kirsten & Beo
  4. Moin, Horned Flathead - Thysanophrys carbunculus deutscher Trivial Name unbekannt, schlage: "Gehörnter Flachkopf" vor ;-) Beo
  5. Hi there, all colours are real (no manipulation), and the squat lobster was quite big. beo
  6. Hi Steve, the 3 locals are dressed in Tatanua masks. The masks are famous in Malagan culture from New Ireland and used in ceremonies to honor dead people. It really was an amazing day! Good to hear that you like the pictures. Cheers, Beo
  7. Wild and beautiful PNG: 3 weeks of diving at Lissenung Island and Loloata Island. Enjoy at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37677620@N00/...57624392155177/ Beo
  8. Hi guys, here are some pics from a trip to South Africa in March 2010: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37677620@N00/...57624487427158/ Shark week with Scuba Addicts at Aliwal Shoal. Cheers, Beo
  9. Hi jmark18, sorry, if i had to deinstall the viewfinder, i would use it with my new D300 housing. best regards, Beo
  10. Anyone interested in a used Hugyfot D200 housing with Inon 45o Viewfinder, 1 Nikonos strobe connection and AF/MF switch including camera body? Hugyfot offers port adapters for nearly every other brand. mail
  11. thanks for the flowers Steve just tagged 2 shots - there are already some excellent pix in the competition! cheers, Beo
  12. thanks a lot for your kind words Nige! just visited your homepage - gorgeous! would like to see your shots from Scuba Seraya ( only did 2 dives there ) beo
  13. Hi there, just added two new flickr sets. I spent 12 days at Saparua in the Molukkas (Nabuccos Cape Paperu Resort) and 2 weeks in Raja Ampat in both of Max Ammer`s Resorts at Kri Island. It was the second time in Raja Ampat and it will not be the last because for me it`s the most beautiful piece of earth and an absolutely amazing place to dive! enjoy at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37677620@N00/sets/ Beo
  14. who will risk to contradict a wormgirl?
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