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  1. I just wanted to close the loop on this topic - I just got back from a 12 day trip to Raja Ampat in Irian jaya and used my new Fisheye light for all macro & night diving. Basically it's a great tool - expensive, but very good!
  2. I will be in Hainan during November and would like to do some diving. When I was last there about 18 months ago I was surprised to discover that some of the hotels were offering diving packages, but had no chance to take it any further due to work commitments. This time I have arranged a weekend there so I can try out whats on offer, but when I checked out the net I was surprised at the cost - upto $108 per boat dive... plus the way it was presented did little for my confidence that there were any professional operators there. Has anybody dived there and can they offer any handy hints on what to do and what to avoid?
  3. I'm actually in Japan on business at the moment and ordered my light from Yuzo. I agree, he is a great resource - always prompt, fair & reasonable and I have bought several items off him.
  4. Well, despite my reservations about spending so much money on a "fancy torch" I have just ordered one of the HID Fisheye lights....
  5. I need to get a new aiming light for my Subal D10 housing and was looking for recommendations on which torch/light and mounting system to go for. I am currently using mainly Sea & Sea strobes, so no built in light available....
  6. Sorry, thats A$2150 - which means about US$1610. Hope it's true....
  7. I just got an email from a Nikon dealer in Hong Kong who reckons the D200 will be available around the middle of September with a price less than 12,500 HK$ which is roughly US$2150....
  8. I will be in Hong Kong next month and have priced the 70-200 VR Nikon AF-S zoom at Johnnys Photo & Video Supply, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, HK I heard about the shop a couple of years ago from a post on the uwphoto list and they came highly recommended. They have given me the same price, more or less as B&H, which is a lot less than the Aussie or Singapore prices - plus it has a one year international Nikon warranty. Anybody had any experience with this shop, or others in Hong Kong? Don
  9. I recently bought a Nikon 18-70 DX zoom to use with my D100 & Subal D10 housing, figuring that it would be a great general purpose lens. After buying the 20mm extension ring to add to the FE2 dome and the +2 dioptre recommended by Subal, I have done a few dives with the lens and am quite dissapointed. The focus seems quite soft compared to the 12-24DX zoom and I wanted to get some input from anybody else out there using a similar set-up to see how they have faired....
  10. I bought the 18-70 DX lens here in Singapore last night, on my way back to Australia, and wanted to check if anybody knows which port, extension ring & diopter combination is required for use with my Subal D10 housing
  11. I have just "invested" in a D100 and Subal D10 housing and I am right at the bottom of the digital learning curve. I bought it now because I am doing a four day white pointer, cage diving trip in South Australia next month and wanted the ability to have instant feedback and chance to correct mistakes on the trip. I wanted to get any tips & advice on how to set the D100 to get the most of this opportunity to photpgraph these pretty special creatures - the report from the last trip was 4-5 sharks around the cage at any point in time, plus the appearance of a 5m "monster"... I am particularly interested in what settings I should dial into the D100 (white balance, mode, bracketing etc) and tips on how to photograph sharks. I will have the following lenses - 15mm F/E Sigma, 18-35mm Nikon, 20 & 24 mm Nikons.
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