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  1. Soon after I went digital with the D100 and Subal housing I was offered a complete second rig at half the price I had paid for the first one and as I had a big trip to PNG coming up I decided it was time to lower the risk of a flood by having two complete set-ups - wide & macro. It really is nice on a liveaboard to have two rigs ready to go and I often either came back to the boat to change over or took both in with me. However, the excess baggage I paid and the fact that I rarely used both rigs at the same time back home in Sydney made me reconsider the wisdom of having so much money tied up in hardware with a very limited shelf life.... When I upgraded to the D200 I decided on one housing and two bodies and use the second body as my general camera to take shots of the sites etc. I have done trips to PNG and the Banda Sea in the last few months and find this works pretty well and as somebody said to me - How do you guarantee NOT flooding your housing? Answer: Buy the second body.... Don
  2. I agree - the 17-55 is an expensive piece of glass, but it's very quick, very sharp and the quality of the image is exceptional. It's a great general purpose lens to go in with with you have no previous experience of the actual site. I am very happy with mine both above and below the water. Don
  3. I think I must have bought and tried all the lenses that can be used underwater - it's a good job they are all black and my wife can't tell what they all are, or how much they cost.... With all the restrictions we face these days with carry-on luggage I have narrowed my "travel kit" down the 10.5 FE, 17-55 zoom and the 70-180 macro zoom. The 10.5 is terrific once you learn to use and light it, the 17-55 is a really great general purpose lens to use if you have not dived the site before and don't know what is there and the 70-180 is VERY versatile for macro. I also take the 18-200 for above water, again because it is so versatile. Don
  4. I bought the 18-70 when it first came out, thinking it would be a very versatile general purpose lens, but I was very dissapointed with it when I finally got it underwater. Maybe it was me and the set up I used, although I followed the instructions of Subal for the extension ring and dioptre, as I have seen post from other people on Wetpixel using them. I recently "invested" in the 17-55DX zoom and used it a lot during a two week trip to PNG. Very nice lens - really sharp and very quick, it very expensive.... Don
  5. I have just listed a Sea & Sea YS30 strobe on eBay. It's in excellent condition and has hardly been used - here is the link if you are interested: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...DME:L:LCA:AU:11
  6. I have just listed my SB80DX flash, Subal Pro-Case & cable on eBay. They are in excellent condition and are for sale due to my D200 upgrade which uses iTTL instead of DTTL.... If you need DTTL underwater, this is the only way to get it. Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...DME:L:LCA:AU:11
  7. Alex, thanks - excellent info! Don
  8. I am planning a trip to Bali for a couple of weeks over Xmas and wanted to get any input on the diving on the east coast of the island. This is my 4th diving trip to Bali and 10th to the island itself - the first two dive trips were completely focused on Tulamben with Tauch Terminal and then last year I spent a week at Scuba Seraya followed by four days at Mimpi in Menjangen where I dived Secret Bay, PJ and the island itself. This year I am looking at spending a week on a safari type trip covering basically the same spots and then when my wife arrives from Sydney we want to base ourselves somewhere pleasant where I can dive but also spend some quality time with her (in between dives....) and I think Candi Dasa may fit the bill. I am also thinking about Ubud, but the traveling time to get to the dive sites would wear a bit thin! I am looking for advice on where to dive, what to expect at that time of year, dive operators and places to stay. Thanks, Don
  9. After many years of service our TV has died and if I want to stay married I have no choice but to invest in a new one..... I would like to get one of the new "flat panel" units and also use it to display my images, when not in use as a TV. I doubt that I am inventing the wheel here, so I thought I would tap the collective experience available on Wetpixel to see who has done this already and what is the best choice of TV. Thanks, Don
  10. I get mine tomorrow - the first one in Australia....actually it is the one sent from Subal for Sea Optics to display at the recent Sydney show. I took it as it has the GS180 actionfinder fitted and I am fed up with waiting for the full production units to arrive. VERY excited.....
  11. I emailed Athena today asking if they have anything to fit Subal macro ports and got a reply within the hour. It does not appear they do as they were not familiar with "Subal"....however they asked for port dimensions. I am on a business trip to Thailand at the moment and was wondering is somebody can give me the OD of a Subal port - or the ID of one of the rubber port glass protectors.
  12. Anders, can you share the secret of getting the D200 & D70 into the Subal F100 housing? My F100 housing is currently a paper weight, whilst I wait for delivery of my D200 housing from Sea Optics here in Australia. It would be nice to try out the camera in the F100 housing..... Don
  13. I have sold my D100 cameras & Subal housings as part of my D200 upgrade, so I no longer need the SB80DX & housing. I have just listed it on EBay, so if you do need DTTL this is your chance.... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...DME:L:LCA:AU:11
  14. I had a lot of people viewing but no actual buyers for this equipment so I have now finally got round to putting it on ebay - here is the link if you are interested: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...ADME:B:AAQ:AU:1
  15. Well what can I say....I just got back to Sydney from two email & internet free weeks in north Bali. Yesterday when I finally connected again to collect the 400+ work related emails waiting for me I was also catching up with all my favorite sites. I was really impressed with all the posts on the Manatees and fired up about my forthcoming business trip to the US - I was supposed to be leaving in the morning -when I discovered that the trip has been cancelled at the last minute! I have wanted to dive with the Manatees for many years and I'm really disspointed it's not going to happen this year - but thanks to all who provided their valuable input as I WILL need it for next year! Don
  16. I got back yesterday from the two weeks in Bali - had a really good time and got some great images courtesy of the D2X, 70-180 macro zoom & Subal housing lent to me by a mate (a very good one obviously...) Seraya was good and I really enjoyed access to the Tulamben sites via their inflatable before it gets crowded. The Seraya Secrets house reef is great for macro, especially at night! Mimpi at Menjangen was way over-priced and I would not stay there again. The diving at Menjangen Island was OK on the day I did it (Anker Wreck & Eel Garden), but Secret Bay was really good on the two day dives and something else on the night dive - Bobbit Worm encounter! Mimpi basically gouges in my opinion - $65 for a night dive at Secret Bay and $80 for two shore dives at PJ!
  17. Bruce, I think I was on the trip before you - Ondina with DebF....so dived the same spots. I got some very nice results using dual Ikelite SS200's. They may be too big for what you are looking for size-wise, but for power, recycle time, reliability and bang for the buck I think they are great. The only problem is changing strobe power and that will soon be solved as Ike is bringing out the DS200 so you can use the manual EV controller - I am getting mine retrofitted, which is a bit of a pain as I live in Australia and Ike doesn't.... Don
  18. A friend of mine who lives near Tampa has invited me to stay with him when I am in the US at the end of next January to spend a few days see the Florida manatees. I have wanted to do such a trip for many years and would like to get any advice I can get on how to return to Australia with "the shot" Don
  19. Pixmantec have a special offer on right now for a RS Premium and Color Engine bundle at $129. I have been using Essentials and was thinking about upgrading to the Premium version if I can overcome the print issue I posted seperately, but have not heard anything about the Color Engine. As I understand it you get some special color profiles but I don't really understand why you actually need them.... Here's the link http://www.pixmantec.com/products/rawshoot...lor_engine.html Don
  20. I am a recent convert to RawShooter Essentials and as such really like the functionality it offers - especially at the price.... I downloaded the Premium version and was ready to buy it till I did some prints and realized that there was a difference between what was on the screen (color calibrated with Spyder) and what was printed. The prints were straight from the RSE TIFF's, but it sounds like I need to use CS for a final stage. Comments, advice, help....
  21. I have decided to sell one of my D100/D10 rigs to prepare for an upgrade to the D200. I bought the housing & camera new in mid 2003 and both are in very good condition. The housing has a few scratches on it and the LCD of the camera has a minor scratch but nothing serious. I take excellent care of all my stuff whoever buys this will get an excellent rig. The D100 is a great camera and I have only recently reached the limits of it's capability. The camera & housing is in Sydney, Australia and I am asking A$3700 for the two. Email me at don.silcock@ge.com if you would like photos of the equipment or have any questions.
  22. I just came back from a 12 night trip on board Ondina with Deb. It was a great trip and I have no complaints at all apart from Irian Jaya is a long way from everywhere.....
  23. I just came back two weeks ago from a 12 night trip on Ondina - terrific trip, one of the best i have ever done. Good boat, good crew, terrific diving! No small weird critters apart from lots of pygmies, no sharks but brilliant reefs. Here is their link http://www.thebestdivingintheworld.com/ENG/index.html Don
  24. I am spending two weeks in Bali this Xmas, the first week by myself at Scuba Seraya in Tulamben and then I was going to move to Mimpi for four days when my wife arrives (she likes her creature comforts and Mimpi appears closest to her minimum specification....) Then I got to thinking that Mimpi's resort at Menjangen may be a nice alternative as I have never been there, whereas this is my fourth trip to Tulamben. But then I heard the diving had gone off there and there had been some dynamite fishing in the area also. Has anybody been to Menjangen recently? Also where is Secret Bay in relation to Tulamben and Menjangen? Thanks, Don
  25. I am having a clean out and have two Sea & Sea YS200 (150 watt-second) strobes plus assorted accessories detailed below for sale. The equipment is in good condition and is located in Sydney, Australia - the asking price is A$325 for the lot, with postage paid by the buyer. - 2 Sea & Sea YS 200 strobes + diffusors - 2 strobe cables - 8 battery packs - 2 spare O-rings - 2 battery with charging connectors - 2 spare charging connectors - 2 instruction manuals Email me at don.silcock@bently.com if you want further information or photos
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