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  1. thank you all, it was the desiccant bag that went off. i have now done 2 dives with a new bag inside. no problem! i don't know about reuseing them as i picked up 100 from judy on ebay for $10. thank you all again.
  2. hi Simon it is a sea & sea 8000dx type housing, which i believe is made out of polypropylene. the local conditions are about 70-80% humidity & cold water temp of about 21deg C (sorry to those who brave temperatures below this) i have just changed the old desiccant bag for a new one as maybe it was to old. cheers & beers, Gav.
  3. hi i am trying to stop my housing from fogging up. i have tried desiccant in the housing, should i use an anti fog type spray on it or will this damage the housing. cheers & beers!
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