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  1. Leslie – Yes I did :-) Just send him the pics. Would be nice, if you can post his answer too in the forum or you can mail it to me. About the second picture in my last post: I found on poppeimages a quite similar picture, so I thought that it’s probably the same. For details see: http://www.poppe-images.com/images/image_i...hp?picid=933217
  2. Thanks again Leslie for your Information. Here I have some more worm pictures, just for take a look at them…. Probably they are: #1: Gastrolepidia clavigera #2: Paraplanocera sp #3: Asterophilia carlae If not, please tell me the correct name. Thomas
  3. Hi Leslie, Here I have you some more pictures. Do you know the exact name of these worms? The green one was very tiny (about 5…10mm) and I found it on a sea squirt (probably Didemnum molle). cheers, Thomas
  4. Hi Leslie, thank you a lot for helping me to identify that worm and for the compliment for my pictures. No, I didn’t see the copepod, but after a short search I found it. Can I post your comment about the worm on my webpage, when I upload the picture there? Regards and thank you again Thomas
  5. The Animals were living in a featherstar. They were moving over the body of the featherstar and tried to hide. But they always stayed at the body and never went out to the “arms†of the featherstar. I took the picture last year (21. April 2006) at the Philppines at a divesite called: Housereef of Swiss Bamboo House at Alona Beach (Panglao Island). Philippe (from www.poppe-images.com ) told me, that’s maybe some kind of comb jelly…., but he also wasn’t sure.
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