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  1. Problem solved and dome no longer needed Thanks
  2. Looking to buy or borrow a Seacam Superdome, while I send mine away for a new lens coating. I will consider all options . Cheers Jules
  3. Hello I would be keen to by your superdome Please contact me if you are able to sell it seperatly Cheers Jules
  4. Hello I need a superdome and would be very keen to buy yours if you are willing to separate and post to Australia Please let me know if you would consider doing this Cheers Jules
  5. Hi bubffm, Thanks and glad you liked it. No effects in this. Its all in camera editing with very little done in post. I use a Sony EX1 and Gates housing with a Fathom port. A great combination a great camera, but not the 4K everyone wants these days Cheers Jules
  6. Hi all, Here are some links to a few short videos I just posted I hope you enjoy them: Predation at Cod Hole Spinning out in The Coral Sea Cheers Jules
  7. Message me if you are still after them, I have them both. Flat port has never been used. Cheers Jules
  8. Hi could you please contact me if this is still available for sale Cheers Jules
  9. Hi I need to find an EX1 with Gates Housing, in good condition. I know many are upgrading to 4K so I am sure some of you have them sitting around just collecting dust, which is heart breaking. Prepared to pay international shipping rates. All offers will be considered. There is the possibility of buying 2 as well. Cheers Jules
  10. Hi Dustin, Thanks for your kind words. You will have a great time! Are you going to Milne Bay on MV Golden Dawn? There is another video here from the same trip to keep the excitement up:
  11. It is just so great that after having done 5000 or so dives in my life, I can still come out of the water from dives like this and have no words to desribe the beauty I have just witnessed. On this trip to Milne Bay last year, I let my friends do the talking and I just pushed the record button and filmed what I saw. The trip was organised by my friend, Douglas Seifert, onboard Craig De Witt's MV Golden Dawn and the legend, Dinah Halstead, was our dive guide. I can't wait to go back and film more.
  12. I am sorry to hear that you won't ship outside USA
  13. Hi I just sent you a PM regards to these lights
  14. Does anyone know with the Gates PMW-200 housing if ports from the EX1 or Z1 could be used, or is it a different bayonet mount again?
  15. Hi Stephen, If this housing is still available please send me a PM Thanks Julia
  16. So I just returned from my trip. I completely broke my housing down and discovered it fit really snuggly and comfortably in my Lowpro Computrek-Aw back pack without carrying the 17" laptop it is supposed to take. Weighing in at 19kgs. I caught 6 planes in 3 weeks with Singapore Airlines and no one said a word. The Lowpro offered sufficient padding and security. I was sad to leave the SPW44 behind, but it was so much better than being charged $1400 in excess, or leaving the camera and housing at home (which I was considering too, and was getting really depressed about) which was the original quote from the airline. Also when Sydney Airport lost all my luggage for 24hrs, I still had my camera and housing. The Lowpro backpack is so well designed and strong. It had no problems nor did the stitching show any signs of stress. The only horror was lifting it into the overhead locker, I normally got someone to help. I will use my Lowpro again this way and have no problem at all in doing so. I hope this helps some others too.
  17. Really stunning work!! Congratulations!!!!
  18. Hi Damien Not sure what my roster is yet. But so far looks like could be. leave the videoing to me :-)
  19. Nice shooting Damien. Great story. We can talk music when you come on the boat in May. I have a couple of composers who really keen to write music for you to broadcast your footage for a good price. Also was very lucky to spend some time with one of the BBC's orchestra composer last year and we talked in depth about sound. PM me if you like I can talk at length about this as this really sets the mood for what you are showing. Talk soon Jules
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