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  1. I dive a lot but not as much with the camera as I would like to. This guy on the picture lives on our house reef here on Kuredu and is well "trained", likes the camera and doesn't mind posing.
  2. Taken in the most eastern part of Estonia, near island Saaremaa. Actually we went to take photos of seals, but the cubs were too big already and little afraid of the divers. Well, to be honest, also too fast for me But it was fun to play hide and seek with them behind stones and rock formations. The picture was taken, when I was laying low behind a big stone and waiting for a the curious cubs to show up. Just tried different settings with natural light. The emotion of seeing some 50 seals in one colony made this shot so special, compared to other photos from diving trips and work in the Red Sea area. Cheers
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