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  1. Hello Folks, I am struggling with color correction in Premire. I am playing with RGB curves in a color workspace but the lumetri Scopes keep going all over the place. My content is a shark dive so there are shifts from reef sharks to sandy ocean floor. I am never getting a good gray and everything is washed out in cyan tones. Being new, I suspect it is all part of my learning curve but hoped someone might have some good resources to share. https://www.pbrosnanphoto.com/Travel/Bahamas-2018/i-56G7BQL/A
  2. I just read the rules sticky and so I will elaborate. I took my LX10 on a shark dive in the Bahamas on Christmas day with less than stellar 4k results which I am now realizing is likely due to my own choice of shooting at f5 in ambient light at 320 ISO and 1/125. So, This is a timely look at what good footage with a decent audio track can be like,
  3. Hello Everyone, I stumbled upon this site looking for tips and tricks and eagerly joined after seeing what a great community there is here. I am new to underwater photography and have a basic kit that has worked nicely for the surprising number of opportunities I found myself having in 2018. We are usually an every other year Caribbean divers but are starting to focus on what we want to see more than just getting wet. So with my LX10 setup and a desire to learn and grow I will be sifting through the forums. Patrick Greater Boston, USA https://www.pbrosnanphoto.com/Travel
  4. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I am new to this but I would expect above water insights also apply below. If you are lighting your subject with floods then your white balance would be consistent with those flood lights output. I have heard setting the WB by starting on your hand gets you good results. If you are not going to use floods you have to deal with your ambient which is severely devoid of reds and would be helped by a red filter. Because you keep loosing more wavelengths of light as you descend other filters will help more. SO, depends on how much light you have and how deep you are going. If I recall correctly the simple white balance adjustment will give less than stellar results because there just isn't information in the reds to be manipulated. I trust those with more experience will chime in and provide feedback on my statements. Patrick
  6. Hello Folks, I am a dabbler and set myself up with a LX-10 setup from backscatter before hitting the GBR in March for a series of live aboards. Was not ecstatic about my results but did a Live aboard in Turks & Caicos in November and was much happier with results so I will blame it on me and not the setup. I have been diving and using rental gear a bit over the last 10 years but the pricepoint keeps me from putting my DSLR underwater. I have been bopping about Boston so most of my opportunities are the trips to the Caribbean. If you want to look at some of my stuff the URL is https://www.pbrosnanphoto.com/Travel I am glad to join the board and get a bit more into technique with the kit I have. Patrick
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