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  1. Hey Tom, I too am just getting into the surf pics. I have a lesser model (XTI) but am trying to figure out what is the best deal and cheapest for both. I am not willing to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks but am interested in what you have decided. Did you find a bag type or have you decided yet. Let me know if you will. Thanks, Daniel
  2. Hey if you type in xti in this forum there is a guy that DID convert a SS box for a 350 to fit a 400 all he had to do is use wall anchors to attach to the L side push pins and it fits like a glove on the 400. He did no alterations that cant be undone. Check it out. Sorry I dont have it to send you a link to it. i am new here and fumbling around.
  3. Well I am very new to water photography and am looking into starting. I have a Rebel XTI with 17-85 IS, 100-400L IS. I am wanting to find equipment that I can take scuba pics with. Here are the few things I would like to do: -take scuba pics of other divers as well as fish and coral -take surf pics I am not sure if the small lens is acceptable or what lens I should look for or if I will need two different lenses for each type. I am pretty sure that there is no way to take the 100-400 or any reason to take it anyway. So as you can see I am really unaware of what is needed to accomplish my goals in the water. Please help with whatever you can. I would like to find sites to buy equipment and know what equipment I will need including flashes etc. also if I can use the bag type or not. I would love to have prices too and reviews if available. Thank you in advance for any and all help. D
  4. Bill, Well I am glad to hear all of your posts. I have the xti also and am wanting to take underwater photos while diving and possibly as a job for aquatic life etc. What have you found and what prices should I expect to waterproof my camera. I am absolutely new to this but would like to get into diving and taking pics of other divers as well as fish. But more so I would love to do surf photography as I am a surfer and have many surfer friends. I have looked at a bag that would be good to about 70ft it said but cant find that anymore. Also it was in the 200.00 range. Do you have any help you can give me? I would greatly appreciate it. Especially prices and places to buy. I am going to post a new topic asking others as well. Thanks, Daniel
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