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  1. Yep, Marsa Alam definitely the place to be! Love the pics of the dugongs. I never managed to see them there...I was incredibly unlucky, I lived there for 6 months with my husband (a PADI Instructor) and went diving almost every day and didn't see a single one!! Apparantly missed one by 10 minutes and that was the closest I got - not for want of trying and spending dive after dive over the sea grass. Turtles galore on the house reef though and awesome encounters with oceanic white tips at Elphinstone! Thanks for the memories...we only got our first underwater camera AFTER we left...dooh!
  2. Hi Just wanted to introduce ourselves as we have just taken up underwater photography and joined this website! My Scottish partner (husband as of next month!) and I are currently living in New Zealand (my homeland) but have spent the past 7-8 years in the Middle East running overland tours and later diving! My partner is a PADI Instructor and taught me to dive about 2 years ago - since then I've been addicted and just cannot keep out of the water. I've always been an avid photographer on land and have managed to sell some of my travel work for magazines and brochures. I've now graduated to taking the camera underwater and my partner and I fight over who gets to play on each dive!! I'm a huge fan of the little stuff so I get the camera for the nudibranchs but it gets taken off me very quickly if we are lucky enough to see sharks or rays! Unfortunately we didn't have a camera while we were in the Red Sea (dive professionals don't get paid too much!) but we bought our Olympus E-500 and Ikelite housing in time for a trip to Rarotonga last year. Love the camera and so did an extremely friendly turtle who got so close that he was nibbling on the housing! Needless to say we got some great close-ups that dive We're hoping to explore more of the pacific in the next couple of years but will be heading back to the Red Sea before too long with camera(s) in tow! Safe and productive diving to all, Stonefishdivers
  3. Thanks for your reply Helge. I would have expected at 10m in clear Rarotonga water the camera would have been able to sucessfully set the white balance. Like I say, even when we set it to the most red the camera has the results still need a touch-up. I've seen many other cameras that seem to cope better than ours and can use the manual white balance in depths of 20m or so in the Red Sea. Was wondering if it was us or just the camera?? Sounds like its the camera which is a bit dissappointing... Cheers Stonefish
  4. Hoping someone can help with this. We have a dSLR Olympus E500 with an Ikelite housing. We are getting awesome results from the camera and love the detail it gives, especially when a turtle swam right up to the camera in a recent trip to Rarotonga and started nibbling on the port However, we don't seem to be able to use the manual whitebalance - we try setting it on a white slate (at depths of 10m - 30m) but it keeps coming up with an error saying its unable to set the balance We end up putting it on the most red we can find in the auto settings and shooting from there. However pics need a one-touch on photoshop to get them looking right. Would obviously prefer not to have to do this if we can help it! Does anyone out there have the same camera and does it allow you to set whitebalance manually - what are we doing wrong??
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