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  1. I have. Seacam d700 and Brandon Cole has an affordable s180 in the classifieds.
  2. Kasey

    D700 Seacam

    D700 seacam housing. Never flooded, good condition. $1000 obo Pics to follow
  3. Kasey

    Seacam D2x

    Bump Housing still available. $500 OBO. Great housing, working SLR included. Any serious offer will be accepted - this is a much loved system that is turning into an ornament! I'm actually thinking about incorporating it into my living room bar. Gotta love digital obsolescence
  4. Kasey

    Seacam D2x

    Well loved Seacam D2x housing is looking for a good home. Nikonos bulkheads. Never flooded, never abused. Pics to follow. Asking $800 or make offer. I also have a functional D2x to throw into the mix - rear LCD is failing but otherwise works well. Send offers - need to make some space in the closets. Happy holidays
  5. 6 yr old zoom ring. I'm not using this lens anymore. Ring is perfect, never flooded - no corrosion on screws. 1st reasonable offer accepted
  6. Kasey

    YS 120

    Reasonable offers accepted kaseycanton@mac.com
  7. Atom has been used on 2 dives, and the transmitter has never been used. $500 OBO I have 2 new nikonos-Sea&Sea TTL single cords - $40 each I have 1 used working cord that I've used only as a backup - $30 YS-120s - I have 4 of these, always wanted backup but they are so damn reliable I can't justify keeping them all. I'd sell 2 of them at $500 ea. They work perfectly, I bought them both new about 4 years ago. They have some wear on the cases from regular use. I'd happily send pics to anyone with SERIOUS inquiries. My super coolscan 9000 may still be for sale - make offers. My F100 Seacam housing is back on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200146358315 And my s180 viewfiender $1500 OBO - I used it only twice. I prefer the s45! D2H with 6000 clicks - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=010
  8. So, per my prior post, I am cleaning out the closets and ebaying lots of stuff. My first two efforts yielded winners that flaked. One just didn't research the cost of accessories, and the appropriateness of the housing for his intentions. He was honest and actually reimbursed me for the selling fees plus a few $s. The next user jerked me around on the sale of my coolscan and has now disappeared. Is this becoming more common? I have never had these problems before. The third item I ebayed still hasn't been paid for - it has been over a week! I didn't think I was unique in that when I win an auction I pay immediately!
  9. Anyone looking for TTL cords. I have 2 new and 1 slightly used Sea&Sea - Nikonos cords. Make offer! Also listing my SB-80 strobe, Nikor 24-85, and D2H body to ebay!
  10. Clearing out the closets. More to come! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=010 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200142593727
  11. Not sold yet. I would part with it for $1000, or I'll let you know when it goes to ebay. Kasey
  12. THis computer has been used fewer than 10 times. It needs a replacement band - but can be used with the wristband extenson as is. The computer itself is in perfect condition, sending unit (that attaches to HP port on your reg) is new never used. Reasonable offers accepted
  13. I wound up with 2 of these last fall - mine got stolen and insurance took a LONG time to replace, so I bought one in the meantime. Still in the box, obviously in perfect condition. All titanium with swivel at second stage. Probably the the best reg ever built! Reasonable offers accepted
  14. See my post in classifieds. I am selling everything you need for a great super macro system. I just upgraded to the AFS VR 105, so I need to replace all this stuff. Lucky me!
  15. All the elements of a great supermacro system. Kenko 3X and 2X teleconverters Nikon 3T and 4T diopters Nikon 105 AF-D and seacam rings Just upgraded to AFS-VR so I need to switch out all these components. All in excellent condition. Reasonable offers accepted.
  16. The port could've just as easily fallen apart in Asia and ruined a great photo trip. Lets not be so quick to praise the repair of an unacceptable failure, eh? Quality Control poor - Damage control exceptional!
  17. Handed it off to my attorney. Right now, I don't care if it costs me 3X the amount owed to chase these guys. I am shocked that a prestigious magazine would abuse its contributors this way. My most recent emails to the magazine bounced back to me...
  18. Not as good as I'd hoped. After dozens of threatening emails and pathetic replys, I've been forced to sick my attorney on this magazine. I have a complete paper trail of the editor's agreement to pay for the portfolio, but they have delayed with everything from "most photogs are happy to give away their images" to "invoice went to wrong desk" to simply no reply at all. Really discouraging non-performance by the magazine. Perhaps move to copyright/fraud forum.
  19. Wow todd! That is a very special image!
  20. Nothing is safe through PR, jewelry, dive gear, bikes. Camera equipment is disproportionately at risk, though. I usually check dive gear but my gear looks like hell and wouldn't be worth much to a thief. Even my Ti Atomic Regs look worthless at this point!
  21. I can't see anyone being upset by this. I handled the 5d S&S housing last month at Komodo, and I gotta say it was impressive. THe D200 is built on the same basic mold. Give me an enlarged viewfinder and I would put this housing (functionally) right next to the finest Euro models at 1./2 the price. Fit and finish were very good, if not at the level of my Seacam, and the controls were well laid out. Great to see S&S back to form with great housings after the D100/S2/1Ds debacle.
  22. No, I still want a camera that feels substantial, basically a cheaper D200. The small dSLRs just don't do it for me.
  23. Except it isn't their lowest dSLR. I would think serious amateurs on a budget will be all over this cam. I agree, though, in the case of the 350D and the D50, that size isn't critical. For me, personally, I've been thinking of a D70 as a carry-around camera, but wouldn't buy a D80 on a D50 sized body.
  24. DOn't you think it is small in the hands to be a D70 replacement? Spec-wise I agree.
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